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Summer Safety for Kids and Pets

Kourtney McComb

August could arguably be the best part of summer; locusts are singing at night, school is starting, and memories from the earlier months are fresh. Here are a few important tips to keep kids and pets safe:

For the Kiddos:

  • Hot cars

    • Never leave a child unattended in a car. Always double-check your vehicle after arriving at your destination to ensure no children are left behind. 

  • Water Safety 

    • Have an adult present when kids are swimming. 

    • If a child isn’t a strong swimmer, consider a puddle jumper or life jacket.  

    • Swim lessons are critical for keeping kids safe in the water.

  • Heat and Sun

    • Apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher; Follow instructions on the bottle for continued protection 

    • Know signs of heat exhaustion and stroke.

    • Avoid direct sun rays at their strongest, between 10 AM -2 PM.

    • Stay hydrated! Water is best.  

  • Bikes and ride-on toys

    • Kids should wear a properly fitting helmet anytime they ride.

For Pet Parents:

  • Hot Cars

    • Pets shouldn't be left in cars even when the weather seems pleasant. Even with windows cracked, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach over 100 degrees in just 10 minutes on an 85-degree day.

  • Heat

    • If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet. Don’t walk your furry babies during the sun’s peak hours to avoid overheating and scorched paws.

    • Keep your pet hydrated. If your pet has to be left outside, ensure they have shade and plenty of cool, clean water. 

  • Toxic Plants and Chemicals

    • Insecticides, Glow sticks, Citronella, and certain outdoor plants are just a few things that can be toxic to pets. 

Kids AND Pets:

  • Always ask before petting a dog or cat you don’t know; let dogs sniff your hand before reaching to pet them.

  • If you see a dog running loose, do not chase it; find an adult to help.