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Load Up On Bone Health, Strength, Balance And Energy At Chesterfield OsteoStrong

Many are discovering that OsteoStrong Chesterfield professionals help members with much more than vital bone density. 

In fact, OsteoStrong's osteogenic "loading" exercise sessions are designed to maximize overall health, improve posture, increase balance, reduce pain from joints and backs, boost muscle strength, increase endurance and assist athletes with recovery. 

Among advantages related to post-pandemic considerations is that the team of this center has adjusted and expanded their operating hours to host one participant at a time. Masks are worn by all staff and provided, if members need them. And, virtual complimentary appointments are available. 

"We take safety very seriously, and made changes to now basically provide everyone with personal sessions each time. OsteoStrong works for people of all ages and abilities to promote skeletal strength as the foundation of our bodies," says owner Steve Greiner. Along with his wife, Erin, they operate the Chesterfield health and wellness center at 1077 S. Woods Mill Road.

Backed by science, the evidence-based OsteoStrong program is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical or medical treatment, says Erin, who holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science and physiology. Instead, she says the method is designed to stimulate the central nervous system to trigger osteogenesis (new bone growth) and changes in muscular density. 

Average OsteoStrong sessions are only 20 minutes long. Rather than seeing 10 members an hour, the Chesterfield team is staggering schedules so only three members per hour are there. Steve says they also are executing full guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

"All of our cleaners meet EPA standards, and we clean the equipment, handles and mats between each member," says Steve. 

He says any member who may run late to a scheduled session is asked to wait in their vehicles for further communications, but he says customers have been tremendously cooperative and on-time. 

"Some members begged us not to close (for COVID-19), and we had an enormously successful reception when we reopened April 27. Because we help with Type 2 diabetes and pain relief, we especially believed we were an essential health business. It's been great to see all our members back in the center," Steve says. 

After the age of 30 years, the Greiners say research indicates the average person begins to lose bone density and muscular strength. So, the OsteoStrong four-device circuit is done with controlled movements under the direction of a skilled session coach. Each device provides instant feedback to members. Data is recorded so members can receive reports regarding their progress. 

Erin says studies show the greatest effect on bone strength and health is the result of high-impact activity. Some people reference the high-impact system as biohacking. 

"As adults, impact often becomes associated with injury. Therefore, adults tend to intentionally avoid impact and even those who engage in exercise often fail to maintain bone health. The OsteoStrong system uses high-impact emulation so people can get the benefit of impact without the associated risks, providing a physical medicine option with little-to-no side effects," adds Erin. 

The sessions are painless, sweat-free and once-a-week, assures Steve. 

"OsteoStrong members are improving their posture, strength and balance. In many cases, we see the slow down and even the reversal of osteoporosis," says Steve. 

OsteoStrong Chesterfield is part of a national company founded by Kyle Zagrodzky in 2011. It's based on performance health and biodensity concepts invented by Dr. John Jaquish.