Summer Skin Care

SpaVela Offers Myriad Treatments for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summer is the season for pampering oneself, and SpaVela is the perfect place for a day of well-deserved care.

“Pampering is so underrated,” says SpaVela Esthetician and Laser Technician Jenna Gautille. “We’ve had a rough three years as a society, and self-care as a whole has taken a backseat. Regardless of what has happened in the world, self-care is a necessity.” 

SpaVela offers a wide range of self-care services, including a variety of sophisticated facial and laser treatments. During the hot Texas months, skin care is of the utmost importance, Jenna says, and SpaVela’s facials are tailored to each client’s specific needs. 

“Skin care is not cookie cutter; one size does not fit all,” she says. “The purpose of a skincare routine is to maintain the largest organ you have. The aging process cannot be stopped, but it can progress more gracefully.”

SpaVela’s estheticians offer complimentary consultations to help clients map their skincare journeys. “Are they wanting to work on fine lines and wrinkles? Texture? Pores? Are they young, mature, oily, sensitive? The possibilities are endless … No one skincare routine is the same. Skin care is very individualized, and that’s what makes it wonderful,” Jenna says. 

SpaVela constantly is evolving and adding treatments to serve each unique client. “The new services we have are incredible!” Jenna says. “We have a new laser available for our clients. It involves skin resurfacing, diminishment of dark spots, redness and rosacea, small broken veins, and restimulates collagen and elastin. You see great results two weeks after. You see killer results three months later.

 “We also have quick and painless laser hair removal for any and all skin tones and types. Full legs can be treated in less than eight minutes comfortably.”  And with SpaVela’s innovative technology, Jenna says there is no downtime from the pool. “The best part is, you can have been in the sun prior to your treatment and get to the pool the following day!” 

SpaVela offers specialized treatments for women and men of all ages. “If you have skin, skincare is for you,” Jenna says. In addition, SpaVela offers couples treatments that make for a perfectly relaxing date. 

“There are so many things we can offer anyone in all walks of life to help better their skin health and overall self care. Come check us out. Everyone is welcome!”

SpaVela is a luxury med and day spa offering a variety of wellness and beauty-enhancing services to help clients look and feel their best from the inside out. SpaVela is located in Lakeside, adjacent to Lakeside Tower. For a complete list of SpaVela’s treatment and med-spa offerings, visit SpaVela.com. 

Jenna’s tips for healthy summer skin

“Everyone wants to know what the miracle cream is to keep you young; it’s sunscreen – no question!” Jenna says. 

• Sunscreen should be used every day, regardless of the season and regardless of the weather. If it’s daytime, the sun is in the sky, and you are getting sun damage. 

• Sunscreen should be separate from other products. There is not enough sunscreen in foundation, bb creams, etc. to give you the protection advertised. You need 2 milliliters of sunscreen to get the protection labeled on the bottle. 

• Sunscreen should be reapplied about every two hours because it becomes ineffective after 80 minutes.

• Don’t want to take off your makeup to reapply sunscreen? No problem! Many setting sprays and powders have high concentrations of sunscreen built-in and don’t disturb makeup. 

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