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Kitt Shapiro Never Wears Anything Louder Than She Laughs

“There’s so much seriousness in life, have fun with what you wear!” exclaims Kitt, owner of clothing store West.

West is the clothing equivalent of Izzo singing “Piano Man” with 16 of her favorite girlfriends. It’s grounded in the classic with an unexpected twist, volume turned way up, impossible not to feel happy when you experience it.

“Clothes are the skin we choose to show the world,” Kitt explains. “They’re about how we’re perceived. I want to look in the mirror and smile.” Comfort and a range of price points is key, and taking a fashion risk or two can prove transformative (just ask Jane Green).

Though sometimes a risk may backfire. While Kitt is buyer for her boutique, she admits, “I usually go with one of my managers. If I go by myself they get nervous.” Melissa Gladstone, sales associate for West, looks up and nods, “Want to see?” Yes I do!

From the rack she pulls a blue and black tiger print blouse, short-sleeved, with a faux fur collar and red flame-print pocket. A moment of visual processing ticks by before we laugh.

Melissa turns to Kitt, “I hope you got them all in your size.”

Though, secretly, I thought the shirt was pretty cool.

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