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Super Human Potential

BODY20 is Decatur’s boutique gym offering technology-enhanced workouts for all body types.

Article by Ashley Topham & Caroline Ficken

Photography by Jonathan Wade

Originally published in Decatur City Lifestyle

Owners Marci Nessing and Tim Vanderham recently opened BODY20 in Downtown Decatur, bringing a revolutionary twist to working out through electro-muscle stimulation (EMS). With FDA-cleared technology, BODY20 members fulfill wellness goals in quick 20-minute, low-impact sessions with physical results equivalent to hours at a conventional gym.

Before the first training session, members participate in a bioimpedance analysis to calculate body composition. These measurements examine muscle mass, body fat, and body hydration, to determine a personalized workout strategy for each member. After the assessment, it’s time to suit up. By wearing an EMS suit, muscles are stimulated to contract at a faster and deeper pace, allowing the body to build muscle and lose fat quicker. Other benefits from EMS suits include building strength and endurance, releasing tension, and preventing injuries. These individualized, one-on-one, 20-minute trainings transform traditional fitness, helping EVERY.BODY.UNLEASH their superhuman potential.

Health starts with community. Nessing and Vanderham have a passion not only for enhancing the exercise experience but also for engaging the community in fitness-related events. They are regularly involved with local charity runs, Decatur FC, and partnering with like-minded Decatur organizations to further their health-driven mission.

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