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Gilbert mom Janine Igliane balances family, career and philanthropy

It is a known fact that all moms are superheroes. From teaching kids to live, laugh and play, to instilling good values, helping with homework and making sure teeth get brushed, being a mom is a 24-7 job that requires a lot of juggling. For Gilbert resident, Janine Igliane, being mom is Job No. 1 and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Igliane has lived in Gilbert with her husband, Rey Igliane, since 2006, and she absolutely fell in love with the town. “I love that even though Gilbert is large, it still has a very small-town feel,” she says. “There are so many fun things to do, and it is very family friendly. Honestly, I just love seeing the growth with all the new restaurants and different shopping coming here. I’m super proud to call Gilbert home.” She and her husband, a firefighter with Scottsdale Fire Department, also have three children – Elise, Chase and Malorie Igliane.

How does Igliane balance her schedule as a mom with her career as a Realtor with Keller Williams? “I think that’s the questions of the century,” she laughs. “Like if we could only figure out how to do it perfectly!” She continues, “For me, my family is super important, and I really do try to make sure I’m there for every sporting event and activity. I realize, especially now that my oldest child is a senior, how fast time goes, and so you really have to cherish that.” Her kids participate in swimming, softball and basketball, so Igliane gets her fill of sports each week, cheering on her children, and taking pride in their accomplishments at Gilbert Christian where they all attend.

On the other side of the equation, this busy mom is passionate about her job as a Realtor. “For me, it’s all about having that focused time to work and that focused family time,” she says. “I heard a saying a long time ago that goes, ‘Wherever your feet are, be there.’ For me, when I’m with my family, I try 100% to be there and not working, and then when I’m working, I’m totally focused on my business. Having that dedicated family time is how I make my family a priority.”

As a family, the Iglianes love to travel, bike ride and take their boat up to Canyon Lake. “That’s probably our favorite family time because there’s no technology out there,” says Igliane. They also enjoy dining out and count Blue 32 and North Italia in Gilbert among their favorite restaurants.

Another facet of Igliane’s busy life is her passion for giving back to the community, and she involves her family in that endeavor, too. “We moved here from Southern California and didn’t know anybody,” she explains. “It was through community events that I got to know people.” She soon discovered that many people from Gilbert also had moved here from other states, and she embraced that as a great chance to bond with the community. Through her business she now holds fun events. “Whether it’s a movie in the park or hosting a cornhole charity event, we’re able to bring the community together and do good, and that feels good!”

The biggest event Igliane orchestrates is a huge annual food drive for East Valley-based House of Refuge, a faith-based nonprofit that offers 2-bedroom homes and support services to families experiencing homelessness. “We collect tons of donated food for House of Refuge, and it lasts them December through the summer, and it feels so good to do that with our neighbors.” The Iglianes know several families that have been blessed to be helped by House of Refuge so she does everything she can for them.  

The family hopes to live in Gilbert for the long term. “We talk about it all the time,” finishes Igliane. “We have no plans to go anywhere else and I hope my kids stay here, too.”

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