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Area Businesses & Organizations Shine in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak

Many local businesses and organizations reached out to others during the devastating coronavirus outbreak. Now, more than ever, it’s important to return the favor and lend support to them. This month we continue to spotlight some of our local businessmen and women who have gone above and beyond to serve their customers and community.

Midwestern State University Flower Mound

Midwestern State University Flower Mound has been busy training the next generation of healthcare heroes during the coronavirus outbreak.

“A large portion of MSU’s enrollment at Flower Mound are in nursing and respiratory care,” says MSU Senior Associate Director Rachel Bagley.

In addition, MSU’s Assistant Wide Receiver Football Coach Alex Charlton, a registered nurse, joined the healthcare frontlines when MSU transitioned to online classes. He served at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital. “MSU is very proud of Charlton’s bravery,” says Rachel.  

When the university transitioned to online/remote learning, MSU’s Respiratory Care Program had two new ventilators sitting idle, Rachel says. “MSU saw this as a great opportunity to help out our community and healthcare workers. Those ventilators are now on loan to a local hospital,” she says, adding that MSU also donated N95 masks, surgical masks, isolation gowns and bacterial filters.

Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County

As the community hunkered down and sheltered in place, child advocates reminded us that not every home is a safe place. At the first sign of the national pandemic, the Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County took swift action to continue to support its young clients.

“As an agency, we believe the best way to conduct therapy is in person, but we have had to shift quickly to tele-mental health options to continue to see clients,” says CACDC Director of Development Amy Ferdinando.

Because of the shelter-in-place orders, CACDC had to postpone indefinitely its major fundraising event, the Champions for Children Gala. The gala provides critical funding for the organization. However, Amy says the community stepped up to lend support.

“This wonderful, local family pledged to give us up to $175,000 if we raised that much during the Gala Fund-A-Need. Since we are postponing the gala until 2021, they have graciously agreed to still give us the gift,” she says. “We are working hard to contact other donors and foundations to help meet the challenge. Also, our community has shown its support by wanting to volunteer and by purchasing essential items for our families.”  

Visit to make a donation.

DATCU Credit Union

As an essential business, DATCU Credit Union never stopped serving its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We have been able to do transactions in our drive-through lanes or through our online channels,” says Vice President of Marketing Susan Passariello. “We continue to work on an individual case-by-case basis to evaluate and find the solutions to best meet the needs of our individual members.”

Susan says though the way in which business was conducted changed, services never were interrupted.

“We are all in this together as a community, and we all are doing the best we can,” she says. “Our members have been very understanding.” For more information about DATCU, visit

Lakeside Eye Care

Dr. Sebastian Mirabal

Lakeside Eye Care has remained open throughout the coronavirus crisis – creatively serving patients in need.

With the use of telemedicine,  Dr. Sebastian Mirabal and his staff have been able to communicate and help many patients, both new and established, by utilizing smart phones to send pictures and do video conferencing. Those patients who needed to be seen in person were accommodated with private appointment times. The office also has been offering direct home shipping on medications, contacts and glasses so that patients can remain at home.

"Many patients have been relieved to be treated from the comfort of their own home, it has been a different way to  practice, but I am thankful and grateful to be there for those that need care," says Dr. Mirabal. "I love being able to still be there for my patients during these times. We will get through this!"

For more information about Lakeside Eye Care, visit

Medical City Lewisville

Mini Grocery Store

Medical City Lewisville is one of seven Medical City Healthcare hospitals to have opened mini grocery stores to support staff during the COVID-19 crisis. The onsite grocery services were offered to all hospital workers to provide essential grocery items at cost.

The goal of the program was to safely and conveniently reduce trips to the store for essential food items. Grocery items offered included fresh produce, bread, meat and dairy products. Staff members could buy items a-la-cart or in combination box orders to be picked up after their shift.

“Having this market in our hospital has meant the most to me because it really shows how much this company cares for me in a way that makes me feel loved,” says Holli Thornhill, RN, Medical City Lewisville. “And in a way, then I can translate that into love for my family."

How can you help our local businesses?

1. Pick it up! Many local businesses continue to offer curbside pick-up services. Take advantage of this convenient way to support local.

2. Shout them out! Continue to tout local businesses on social media. Not only does this draw attention to businesses, it helps friends stay in the know.

3. Think small! Consider buying from small businesses. Need coffee? Buy a bag from a local coffee shop. Need honey? Contact a local beekeeper. Looking for soap? Visit a local artisan’s site.

4. Tip generously! If you are able to tip a greater amount, continue to do so.

5. Stay home – if you’re sick! Feeling under the weather? As the world slowly begins to open up again, don’t go out if you don’t feel well!