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Supporting Military Children

Discover the Inspiration and Efforts Behind The Comfort Crew for Military Kids

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supports the emotional and behavioral needs of children from military families. In our interview with Executive Director Angie Salyer, we uncover the inspiration behind the organization and its efforts to support military children.

As we celebrate the 4th of July, let’s remember the military kids and their families who show incredible resilience.

Can you share the inspiration behind the founding of Comfort Crew for Military Kids?
In 2007, Trevor Romain and the late Ronda Englander founded The Trevor Romain Foundation to support children experiencing social and emotional adversity. In 2009, the foundation became a program partner of the United Service Organizations (USO) to directly support the children of men and women in the US Armed Forces. This partnership was particularly meaningful to both, as they had experienced personal challenges with military life. Before becoming an American citizen, Trevor served in the South African Army, learning firsthand the effects that war can have on children. Ronda was just three years old when she lost her father, Warrant Officer Rocky Armstead, in a helicopter crash during his deployment in Vietnam as a Medevac pilot.

What are the most common challenges faced by military kids?

According to the 2022 Blue Star Family Survey, the largest and most comprehensive survey of active-duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members, veterans, and their families, "The impacts of military service on family life continue to be a top concern for active-duty families, with time away from family as a top five issue for active-duty, National Guard, and Reserve family respondents."

  • One in three children with a deployed parent is at "high-risk" for psychological issues.
  • Depression is seen in about one in four children.
  • Academic problems occur in one in five children.

What are some of the proven resources and programs The Comfort Crew for Military Kids provides to support military children?

We provide specialized Comfort Kits, which are physical kits designed for ages 6 to 12 and are packed with resources to support military kids dealing with deployments, reintegration, injuries, and loss. Each kit includes a set of strategies to facilitate coping: a journal with prompts and space to write, draw, and express feelings and a Family Guidebook that contains information for parents.

Show your support for these brave young children by visiting and learn how you can contribute to their mission.

"Our vision is to ensure all military children receive the support they need to thrive."