Surviving AND Thriving

Hello Northlanders!

I always look forward to the issues when I get to write directly to you, our readers.  It’s a great chance for me to reflect on where we are and where we are going.  This month we have exciting (and bittersweet) news to share!

I have to start by giving an enormous thank you to Rachel Murphy, our editor, for dedicating 10 years to Northland Lifestyle. She helped establish the magazine as a coffee table piece from day one, and because of her tenacity, our publication has been and will continue to be the number one source for all things Northland.  We are extremely grateful to have had her creativity and talent for 10 years and wish her well on her next journey.

Both Rachel and I appreciate that we spend our days connecting with people from all walks of life. Despite the differences in people and experiences, all of those walks of life share one commonality--their desire to contribute to the community. They want to play a role in ensuring that our community is thriving, and it’s inspiring to watch them do it in their own way.

With our Women's Issue, I want every female to give themselves grace. Here is a shout-out to every woman who has survived the past year. It has not been easy considering the circumstances, and I commend you. We've all had to become teachers overnight, turn bedrooms into offices, and still keep a positive attitude for the loved ones counting on us. It's been a struggle, but you made it. 

Now ladies… pull out what was supposed to be last year’s spring outfits and enjoy the beautiful weather to come. And remember, don’t just survive but thrive!


Jeron Traphagan

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