Sushi, Quick!

It's easy to have fun while eating at the Revolving Sushi Factory in Alpharetta - a unique experience for kids and “big” kids too. They serve the sushi kaiten-zushi style, where plates of covered sushi whizz around on a conveyor belt for patrons to choose as it passes by their seats. 

The robot cats and bus are the main attraction. The cats race around the restaurant and deliver soy sauce, ginger and wasabi, along with specialty sushi; and if you place special orders on the tablet at your table, the bus will deliver them to you fresh from the sushi chef! And get your video cameras ready, because the cats will greet you and say goodbye when you leave. 

The menu is based on traditional Japanese recipes and has about 100 items including sushi (nigiri and rolls) tempura, ramen and udon. 

The sweet children of Dr. Kevin Lie of LifeHope Healing Medspa enjoyed a fun sushi lunch while being entertained by the cats and the buses, no doubt. 

Sawyer Lie, 12; Sullivan Lie, 8; Scarlett Lie, 6; Sadie Lie, 15 


865 N. Main Street, Alpharetta 




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