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The Man Behind Florida’s Tech City

When people find out that Mitch Glaeser retired on September 17, 2017, they laugh. A man who declared to live life differently on that day moving forward definitely has, that’s for sure.

Removing computers, the internet, and even alarm clocks from home, he now lives a life of passion. Driven by seeing others thrive, he now focuses on building the world’s largest sustainable mixed-use development called San Felasco Tech City, with on-site production for on-site consumption of energy via solar.

In less than 4 years the 82-acre complex hosts over 50 companies to call home and is still growing rapidly. Every kind of ‘tech’ can be found at SFTC, including ancillary businesses Daft Cow Brewery, Beaker and Flask Wine Company, and Education Station Pre-School. This fall, an Okito America will be added for after-school care and Harvest Thyme Café in spring of 2024.

Boasting 270,000 square feet of space dedicated to ‘tech’ companies, it also will add over 250 homes as development continues, including community centers, basketball, volleyball, tennis court, walking trails. and a swimming pool.

If this is retirement, it sure has the makings of a very impressive chapter for a man following his passion.

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