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Sweat Equity

Article by Megan Hernandez

Photography by Michael Child with Forward Film Co.

Originally published in Plano City Lifestyle

When it comes to living your best life, prioritizing your health and wellness is paramount. Despite our best intentions, a gym membership is not without its challenges. As Michael Streight, owner and operator of Luxury Lifestyle Training, puts it, “There’s no need to spend 15-30 minutes driving there and back, setting up or getting distracted. Time is valuable! Having your gym at home eliminates the excuses.”

Aside from the hassle of travel, a home gym can be tailored to meet your specific training needs and provides you with a safe, sanitary, and private workout space free from the germs and inconveniences that accompany most gym memberships. Luxury Lifestyle Training provides elevated home gyms to homeowners. There are many great reasons to build a luxury gym at home, and Streight shares all the insights.

Homeowners should consider setting themselves and their spaces for success with enough floor space to maximize movement potential. 

“If possible, having glass mirrors is important in order to see your movement and get some great visuals of your form to ensure proper movement and avoid injuries,” says Streight.

Top must-haves include dumbbells (having a full set is better if space permits), a pull-up rack, TRX straps and a landmine attachment for a barbell. 

“We believe you are only limited by creativity,” Streight shares. “And with these equipment pieces, the creativity is endless!”

Streight believes it is super important for homeowners to set a logical pace for themselves and a clear vision when it comes to building their luxury at-home gym. Trends and fads do not ultimately yield results and a great successful gym relies on being honest with yourself about your goals.

“I cannot tell you how many Peloton Bikes I have been asked to try to resell because the purchaser never used it!” Streight reveals. “Be realistic with your goals, your training styles and what kind of fitness regimen excites you.”

As Streight puts it, an elevated home gym should be a source of pride for a homeowner. A functional training space should be a continuation of the aesthetic and look of their home. 

“In regards to our home gym building process, I feel we have a very unique approach,” Streight says. “As fitness professionals, we understand and know training philosophies and styles like the back of our hand. Additionally, we pride ourselves on knowing the greatest and latest equipment, subscription training models and more.”

Luxury Lifestyle Training hears their clients' needs and filters them through their professional lenses to bring a world class space to life. Luxury Lifestyle Training team members are known as “concierge coaches” because they raise the bar for what is expected.

“I tell clients that we guarantee they are going to get honest, transparent and good responsive communication,” Streight voices. “That is what matters the most and it goes further than anything else can.”

Luxury Lifestyle Training also provides educational advice as needed for clients who desire more knowledge and insights. Building a dream home gym requires team collaboration and effort in order to be as efficient as possible while not losing out on the quality of a home’s style. 

“True results and true transformation happen over time,” Streight adds. “It is a marathon, not a sprint. Transformation here at Luxury Lifestyle Training has happened with and for our clients over time, by buying into the belief that they can, and the belief and trust that their concierge coach and our team will work beside them the whole way!”