Swim Safely with Fitmax Pools

Swimming is one of the best exercises for keeping healthy, cool and fit. With the safety concerns about Covid-19, many public pools are currently closed. Thankfully, Fitmax Pools offers a high quality, low-cost alternative to installing an expensive in-ground pool with their personal, portable iPool.

The free-standing, compact top-quality pool designed for indoor or outdoor use delivers all the health benefits of swimming without spending a fortune. The iPool takes the best aspects of a therapy pool, lap pool and above-ground swimming pool and makes it small enough to fit inside one’s home or garage.

“People with chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia can have access to pain relief and weight loss in their own home without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars; we’re literally the cost of digging the hole,” says Ray Chang, marketing manager of Fitmax Pools in Simi Valley. “The iPool fits in your garage or basement, is easy to maintain and the resistance can be adjusted from casual to Olympic athlete level,” he adds.

Made for all skill levels, from those just learning to swim to athletes training for competitive swimming, the iPool is designed to help make you a better swimmer and stay healthy and fit.

Unique Design

“The ‘i’ stands for infinity,” says Ray, “unlike even an Endless Pool, you can do all different swim strokes including backstroke and even swim with your eyes closed. You don’t have to work to be fighting the current all the time with jets in your face.”

The iPool’s innovative patented design lets you swim without touching the pool walls, perfect for rehabilitation or serious athletic training and employs a patented dual tether system to optimize results.

The unique swim harness consists of a Velcro belt that wraps around the waist and has clips that fasten in the front and is adjustable to fit waist sizes from 22 to 42 inches. An additional belt can be added for waists up to 60 inches. The harness also provides added safety for children learning to swim.

“You can adjust the knobs to change the level of resistance, something that a normal fishing pole tether can’t do. We have Olympic gold medalists train using this pool—if it was a fishing pole tether, it would probably snap,” explains Ray. “Swimming and aquatic exercise helps work and strengthen the cardiovascular system without stress and impact on the joints. Anyone below 7 feet tall can swim endlessly without worrying about touching the walls or the floor, as the harness frame dual tether system keeps you both horizontally and vertically suspended. We’ve had marathon swimmers, triathletes and folks using the pool for rehabilitation and weight loss all give very positive feedback.” 

Durably constructed with five layers of protection that can withstand hundreds of pounds of force per square foot, the iPool’s vinyl mesh layering helps protect against tears and punctures and comes with a product lifetime warranty.

With a total space footprint of 9’ x 12’ x 9’ high and the body of the pool measuring 7’ x 10’, the iPool can be easily installed by two people within an hour. The pools come with a cover, floor mat, lockable stairway ladder and filter pump; accessories, including heaters, chin-up bars, shoulder press bars and underwater treadmills, can be added. 

What’s more, Fitmax offers easy low-interest financing plans, so you can swim into your own iPool hassle-free.

To learn more, contact Ray Chang at 805.383.6266 or visit FitMaxiPool.com.

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