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Switch It Up

Flood your home with these bright ideas

Great lighting can make your home inviting and add interest to rooms, furniture or art that you want to showcase. Try these tips for enhancing lighting – you'll never feel "in the dark" again! 

Layer up.
The overhead light in a room is not going to do much in terms of brightness — which is why experts recommend layering. In addition to overhead lights, add task lighting (such as lamps by a table for reading) and accent lighting to showcase something — think an eye-catching piece of art, sofa or buffet. 

Add reflection.
You knew about the mirror trick to make a room seem larger, but did you know mirrors and other reflective surfaces can also enhance light? Light bounces off mirrors and other shiny surfaces to create brighter space. 

Upgrade bulbs. 
Are you operating old-school bulbs and outdated switches? Swapping everything out for updated versions can make a difference. For example, if you have updated switches but older bulbs and lamps, you might not get the maximum light. 

Get smart. 
A smart switch will allow you to control lights (and other things inside your home) digitally. This means that when you’re cozy in your bed and suddenly recall that you’ve forgotten to turn off the light in the downstairs office, you can do it digitally with the touch of a finger, or, in some cases, your voice. Start with smart bulbs for your lamps to control lamps remotely, then upgrade other things like outlets. Digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home add even more convenience.