Synergy Ketamine Therapy Center — offering help, hope, and healing

Local ketamine treatment and IV hydration provider leads the way for new and innovative therapy for mood and pain disorders

As you walk into the Synergy Ketamine Therapy Center, you are drawn to the stunning mural of soft gold turning trees and water streaming into waterfalls that you can almost hear. Perhaps telling of the journey or transformation to a more peaceful being, what Ketamine Therapy is all about.

It has been called the “miracle drug” for treating depression, even those who may be considered treatment-resistant. It has shown outstanding results for chronic pain disorders, those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, OCD, fibromyalgia, migraines, substance abuse recovery, and so much more.

It is said you must “disconnect to reconnect.” Like how we feel when we take the perfect trip to the beach or breathe in fresh, crisp mountain air. With Ketamine, the neurons in your brain begin to reconnect, producing more positive thinking.

Most patients receiving therapy have said that it has dramatically changed their life. Even after just one dose, they may feel the lifting effects and significantly less pain.

I recently met with Lee Dockins RN, MS, PA-C, and felt his immediate enthusiasm about the Synergy Ketamine Therapy Center. Lee himself received infusion therapy for chronic pain. Like so many, he had exhausted other options and was dulling the pain with daily medications.

After receiving Ketamine therapy, he felt so much better that he became passionate about wanting to help others. He and his wife Susan, APN-BC, are now the heartbeat of the Synergy Ketamine Therapy Center, daily guiding individuals through infusion therapies with compassion and state-of-the-art care. Offering a whole approach to therapy sessions, they are there with you through your entire treatment. Whether it’s to talk with you or just listen to music, they will be by your side, never leaving the room. It’s their mission to guide and encourage you to enhance your healing journey.

They also offer extended services. For example, a chronic pain sufferer who receives Ketamine can follow with a stretching session for longer-term relief.

Ketamine Therapy is also a very affordable treatment. A unique aspect is its fast responsiveness. Traditionally it may take years to treat chronic symptoms, whereas Ketamine is proving to bring lasting results in just a few sessions. Typically, one may receive treatment three times a week for a few weeks, then wind down to every other week, and then finally return for boosters only when needed. It does not require the heavy financial burden of forever, and the industry is pushing for more insurance coverage.

Synergy Ketamine Therapy Center was founded by local residents Dr. Carlo Ponti and Chief Executive Officer Mikel Alvarez. They are excited to bring this type of healing to the valley. The Center is open seven days a week and has evening hours to accommodate diverse schedules.

Infusion therapy also expands into many other beneficial areas, like hydration and vitamin B cocktails. Maybe you need some pep after a big event or are nursing a hangover. Do you need a lift because you are recovering from COVID exhaustion? Or perhaps a long spring break trip? It can be helpful to boost your immune system before flu season with a powerful dose of vitamins.

With Ketamine and infusion therapies, there is help, there is hope, and there is healing!

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