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Take Walks And Make Friends

With City Girls Who Walk Nashville

Sarah Larson wasn't born in Nashville, but it's safe to say she's fallen into a stride after nearly a decade here in Middle Tennessee. A Tennessee transplant who moved to the area from New Jersey for college at MTSU in 2013, Sarah has called Nashville proper home since 2016. Fast forward to 2022, when Sarah saw "City Girls Who Walk Dallas" on TikTok and saw an amazing opportunity to bring safe group walking opportunities to women in Music City. 

"I saw Dallas, Texas, post about their group and I thought 'Woah, 200 girls all walking together through a park ... what an amazing concept!' From there I researched the background of it all and searched for Nashville’s City Girls Who Walk. When I couldn’t find one, I figured at least one other Nashville woman must be feeling the same way (that we should have one) so I jumped on Instagram and created an account. From there, it kind of just took off. It’s just such an amazing idea. A group tailored to making friends, exploring the city, walking safely, and getting some steps in," says Sarah. "We’ve even started partnering with some stellar businesses in town so it has helped twine into Nashville even more."

Within months the group has grown quickly, and Sarah loves seeing the camaraderie among the women as strangers turn to friends during the 3-mile walks. 

"It’s just overall such a heartwarming group, and I’m glad that so many want to be a part of it. So many girls come to the walks after just moving here two weeks prior; so it’s a great way to settle into Nashville, but it’s also great for the girls that have been here longer that are just looking to be a part of a community. It’s a win-win for all," says Sarah. 

On the group's social media platforms, Sarah has posted several helpful tips for walkers and runners on ways to protect themselves if doing so alone. If having to walk alone, some essential safety tips include ensuring oneself in well-lit areas, keeping keys or mace nearby, using those items as a weapon, and taking a local self-defense course.

"My best advice to someone on the fence about coming to their first walk would be to take the leap. At every walk, at least 50% of the ladies are at their first walk and feel the same way (AKA nervous). With that being the case, it is so easy to make friends because sharing the same emotions is such a good icebreaker. I always say at the beginning of each walk, 'if you see someone walking by themselves, grab them and make a new friend; that’s what this group is all about' -- that usually helps as well. We are all showing up for the same purpose and I think that brings comfort to everyone," states Sarah. 

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