Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Us

Every single senior has something to teach us.

It’s true when they say time flies. One moment, we look to our parents and grandparents for help and support, and the next, they are the ones who need our attention and care. While we should be grateful for their wisdom and experience, older generations often go by the wayside. If there’s anything we can improve upon in this life, it’s the effort we put into supporting and spending time with the elderly community. They’ve witnessed things we only read about in history books; they learned the skill before there were YouTube videos.

That’s one of the reasons Will and Selene Chaudhry, owners of Fort Worth Caring Senior Service, have a passion for supporting the elderly community. They both always wanted to work in the medical field, but caring for their parents set them on the path to elderly care. They’ve seen how seniors can play a pinnacle role in shaping future generations. 

“Every single senior has something to teach the younger generation. They are our past. If we don’t learn from our past we won’t improve for the future. This is something I have learned in my own life. They have experience. They might not be able to do what they used to, but they can explain things or show us an easier way to do things,” says Chaudhry.

One of his best memories is getting a lesson in BBQ from a 96-year-old client. It came up in conversation that Will was researching the best way to grill chicken. His client gave him a lesson right then and there, and Will says, “It was so simple, but it made a long-term difference for me.”  

While we’re busy with work, kids, and social engagements, we often forget or don’t realize senior citizens don’t have the same opportunities to visit with younger people. And yet, the tiniest interaction can make or break a day for seniors. In his work, Chaudhry sees this firsthand. “Take a couple of minutes and visit the elderly. That makes a big impact. Even if this person is not related to you—just say hi. It makes their day,” he says. 

Fort Worth Caring Senior Service is all about making someone’s day. They offer services like companionship, light housekeeping, cooking, running errands, attending medical appointments, and other means of support that are just as important as medical care. Being the person who visits with a senior who might not be able to leave their home, taking someone on a walk in the sunshine, reading, or just listening means the most to Will and Selene. 

“It’s whenever we see a senior getting better. When we first meet, we see how difficult it is to walk or stand and not be able to do a lot. As we start helping, we see them get up and walk around. Their outlook starts changing. Taking medication, drinking water, all those little things we take for granted, they’re now able to do. Our main goal is to try to keep the seniors happy and healthy at home,” says Chaudhry. 


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