Taking Care of Your Skin is the Ultimate Style

Shauna Bowers, One Half of the Female Power Duo Behind Glow Wilco, Dishes on Mt. Juliet’s Concierge Aesthetics Practice

When they say skin is your best accessory, it seems like an understatement. Yes, accessories can be iconic (Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ affinity for oversized sunglasses comes to mind). But your skin is quite unlike an accessory in that you can’t switch it out - it’s what you wear every single day of your life.

It makes sense then, for something that you wear every day, to treat it with the utmost care. It also makes sense why you’d be discerning and careful with who you entrust to take care of it. 

Glow Wilco, Mt. Juliet’s local aesthetics practice, is here to take care of your skin and put your mind at ease. Shauna Bowers and Katie De Araujo Jorge are the women behind the practice, who brought their collective expertise and experience from the medical field into the world of beauty. Bowers obtained her degree in nursing as a family nurse practitioner, while De Araujo Jorge worked in anesthesia and pain management as a CRNA. 

The two met playing tennis and, as Bowers recounts, instantly hit it off. “The more we learned about each other, we realized we had the same passion and goals for medical aesthetics in Wilson County. It was very synergistic from the beginning and everything continued to fall into place.” They quickly joined forces and brought on John Rosdeutscher as the medical director. 

That synergy culminated in what they describe as, “an innovative blend of science and art: a place that exists to enhance the beauty of those around us by providing the highest quality.” Notice the word ‘enhance.’ Unlike many other aesthetic practitioners, Glow Wilco is not here to create the same features as an assembly line would. Instead, they are big believers in natural and achievable beauty. Perhaps this is where their background in medicine informs not only their abilities but their perspective as well. Bowers and De Araujo Jorge operate from a more science-oriented and realistic approach.  

Bowers explains, “We value differences in facial features and do not want to create the same lips, cheeks, and jawlines for all our clients. We want to see expression on your face and allow your face to tell the story of your life. We want to enhance your natural beauty and soften the signs of aging. We strive to avoid creating unnatural, unrealistic, unbalanced features because we believe that less is more.” This is an admirable goal, given the growing sea of a certain Kardashian-likeness. While their goal is to help clients achieve beauty in the terms that they desire, they aren’t here to provide a cookie-cutter approach that renders their customers devoid of individuality – or age. 

At Glow Wilco, you’ll find a provider that will act as consultants, confidants, and friends. “Our goal has always been to meet people where they are in the aging process and provide options to restore youthfulness in a balanced and beautiful way,” Bowers says. To that end, Glow Wilco provides a range of aesthetic services, including Botox, fillers, lasers, micro-needling, hydro facials, and more. 

And their expertise and skills extend far beyond the four walls of their practice. Bowers and De Arujo Jorge have developed their own product line, called Skin Apothecary, which we will be seeing more of in the months to come. The ladies at Glow Wilco are constantly looking for opportunities to grow and evolve, which includes expanding their service menu as well. 

And with their expertise come not just stellar products and services, but also great advice for home maintenance. Bowers recommends washing your face when you get home for the day, committing to a skincare routine that is simple and involves few steps (so that it’s manageable), and investing in a Gua Sha tool for facial massage, a silk pillowcase to protect the delicate skin on your face, and towel wristbands to prevent water dripping down your arms while you wash your face (it’s the little things). With this wisdom and the offerings available at Glow Wilco, you can make your skin your iconic accessory.

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