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Taking Hold of Your Health

Statera Health Provides Holistic Options

When Dr. Jordan Shilts and Dr. Jaron Faber were in chiropractic school, they realized there was a lot more to a healthy body than simply aligning the physical structure. So, they set out to create a hybrid of the traditional chiropractic model, and that’s what became the basis of Statera Health, which opened in Edina in May of 2020.

“Health is often thought of as the absence of disease. So when you go to the doctor and you don’t have a disease, often times there is confusion about how to address your symptoms. At Statera, our mission is to provide personalized solutions to identify and address the root cause of your dysfunction before it becomes disease.” says Dr. Shilts.

Statera | health is a functional medicine and health optimization clinic that provides modern treatments and advanced therapies to address the root causes of dysfunction. Based on your individual needs and goals, Statera Health offers programs, memberships and packages to patients looking to recover and/or optimize their health.

What sets Statera apart from traditional clinics, is their personalized approach of assessments and services. “What’s missing in today’s healthcare model is a true patient-doctor relationship. The art of what we do is understanding an individual’s physical, chemical, metabolic and emotional needs, and tailor the treatment plan to their goals and interests. We offer some really unique services that empower our patients to take control of their health like never before.”, says Dr. Shilts.

“Our goal with intensive programs is to get you back to doing what you love,” says Dr. Faber. “And we do that by taking a multi-modal approach to recovery using the most up-to-date treatments and protocols. We’re not just going to give you a pill/supplement and send you on your way.”

“We’re going to ask things about your lifestyle,” he says. “Maybe your shoulder is hurting, and you’re thinking it’s trauma related, but it might be something in your blood chemistry, or maybe you have a poor diet and poor sleep patterns, and your inflammation markers are higher. Those factors may be attributing to the pain.

“Once we gather this information, we may do more exploring and send you for special laboratory testing to identify the function of all your systems in order to get a 360° view of your health. When we get those results back and we’ve identified through the patient what they would like to optimize, we’re going to personalize nutrition and lifestyle consultations, and provide ongoing support through your health optimization journey.”

Special lab testing and in-office cellular health assessments provide a critical understanding of how an individual is functioning. “One of our sayings in the clinic is, ‘If you’re not measuring, you’re not managing,’” says Dr. Faber. “Statera provides accessibility to measuring aspects of your health like never before. We offer advanced, custom lab testing to assess things like inflammation, food sensitivities, gut health, toxins, Lyme, mold and much more. The best part is, most of these kits are sent directly to your home and require a single finger-stick for collection.

What really makes Statera Health different, he explains, is its cutting-edge health therapies and technologies. The goal with these is to influence the cellular health environment, restore energy levels and accelerate healing like never before. Depending on patients’ issues and goals, there are a number of treatments available such as:

+ Hyperbaric Oxygen: pressurized oxygen chamber that increases oxygen delivery and reduces inflammation.

+ LED Light Therapy: whole-body light therapy designed to increase blood flow, increase energy and decrease pain.

+ Infrared Sauna: heat-stress therapy that improves detoxification, cognitive performance and cardiovascular health.

Each of these technologies, alone, have been rigorously researched and shown to assist in the repair of over 100 different conditions.

Their patients often remark that they’ve never experienced a clinic like Statera Health, and that they’ve never been able to take control of personalized health optimization before.

“My favorite thing to hear is that they see this as not their traditional healthcare office,” says Dr. Shilts.

Post pandemic, Statera Health has placed an additional emphasis on individuals suffering from Long-Covid. “Data suggests around 15% of those infected with Covid go on to develop “Long Covid”, where symptoms such as sensory changes, brain fog and fatigue linger for months after the initial infection has passed. In these scenarios a heightened inflammatory burden gets placed on the body, which takes an enormous amount of energy to keep it at bay.

“The analogy I love to give regarding functional medicine is if you picture a dying tree. The fastest way to make the leaves green is to paint them. It works 100% of the time, but only in the short-term because we are not addressing the root-cause. We have to give it sunlight, the proper soil, the right nutrients and provide it with water and care. Similarly, we guide each patient through our Pillars of Health, which are designed to address and optimize 5 foundational aspects of our health: Sleep, Nutrition, Mindset, Movement and Recovery.

Whether your goal is anti-aging or recovery from chronic illness, Statera Health has tailored programs and memberships to achieve your health goals. Learn more at 4820 W 77th Street Suite 150, Edina. (952) 213-6386.