Taking Holistic Approach to Healthcare in the New Year

Medical Clinic Focuses on Preventative Care

Health and wellness preventative care comes in many forms and from many different angles. One way that people are finding help keeping healthy is through a holistic approach to medicine.

Functional medicine is one of the key prevention-measures that people are doing today, and Valley resident Robert Alexander is helping others do just that through his clinic, Alexander Medical. According to Alexander, his mission is straightforward, “our goal is to maintain wellness through disease prevention.”

Alexander Medical focuses on prevention through treatments offered at the clinic including hormone optimization, dietary counseling, creation and coordination of exercise routines, and medically guided weight loss. Alexander says that isn’t all, “as a concierge wellness service, we also provide treatment for common chronic conditions.” “More than one-third of all Americans are diagnosed with Metabolic Dysfunction which can lead to a wide variety of unwanted health problems if ignored,” says Alexander.  

Metabolic Dysfunction is at the root of many diseases and illnesses facing people today including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. “Common symptoms indicative of Metabolic Dysfunction are increased waist circumference, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and increased glucose levels.”

One of the most commonly diagnosed Metabolic Dysfunctions is insulin resistance. Around the age of 30, people start to see a decline in muscle mass at about three percent per year. Alexander says there are reasons behind what they are seeing. “Most people are consuming more processed foods, sugars, and carbs than they realize, which provide them with a surplus of these calories, drives the reduction in muscle decreases and affects their ability to process these calories leading to more fat storage.” 

When it comes to functional medicine, practitioners like Alexander can help determine the root cause of a patient’s problem, and support the patient as a whole person, rather than treating symptoms, one symptom at a time. “Our providers at can help you achieve optimal health by adjusting your diet, modifying exercise, optimizing suboptimal hormone levels, improving sleep, and utilizing nutraceuticals to improve deficiencies,” shares Alexander. “There is not a one size fits all solution which is why we customize care to each of our patients.”

Really for Alexander, it comes down to patient care through a holistic approach. “Preventing disease is very important, if not the most critical aspect of healthcare,” says Alexander.

Alexander stresses that while many people are looking at their overall health and wellness when the new year comes around, making your good health a habit is a commitment that takes time. “This is why so many people struggle with keeping up their new year’s health and wellness, based on a resolution.” He stresses that it isn’t a quick fix, “It is not a switch you can flip on overnight. Being consistent with your healthy lifestyle throughout the year helps you build lasting habits that will create a balanced body. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy special occasions and splurge once in a while, but when you’ve established a healthy foundation all year it’s a lot easier to get back on track.” 

Alexander says when it comes to your health, it is far better to be proactive versus reactive. “Your health is not a short term, fad diet. It is the way you choose to live every day versus a drastic lifestyle change that people try to put into place as part of a resolution.”

Alexander and his team at Alexander Medical want to make sure Gilbert City Lifestyle Magazine readers are putting their health and wellness in focus in the new year. They are offering special pricing on the initial wellness panel when you mention this article at your consultation. They offer both in person and telehealth options. For more information on the clinic and what they offer, you can check out the website at

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