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The Artisan Team

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Dream Big at Artisan Kitchen & Bath

Artisan Kitchen & Bath Gallery takes home improvement to a whole new level.

A Unique Approach

When they hear the name Artisan Kitchen & Bath, most people naturally think of fixtures and plumbing supplies. But add the word “Gallery” to the end and it’s a whole different story. “At Artisan, you really do feel like you’re walking into a museum gallery,” explained showroom manager Kelly McFall. “The minute you step through the door, you’re surrounded by beautiful things.”

The Artisan team is highly trained in all areas of kitchen and bath. They stay up to date on the latest design trends in the industry. And their consultants are well-versed in the plumbing behind clients’ beautiful fixtures to ensure functionality.

A division of Hajoca Corporation, a 165-year-old national plumbing wholesale company, Artisan Kitchen & Bath Gallery has operated in Winter Park for close to seven years. Compared with other showrooms, their staff is small.

“It’s me and three consultants, and we treat everybody like family. We get to know who we’re dealing with and why they’re doing things. We’ve actually become friends with some of our homeowners, and we get invited to their homes for Christmas and other events.”

The Gallery Experience

Artisan’s “gallery” experience is a pleasant way to explore the possibilities. “It really does feel like going into a gallery,” Kelly observes. “You’re not bombarded by people. It’s kind of a quiet atmosphere, and we’ve got light jazz playing in the background. Best of all, you’re spending time in a beautiful space with luxury products all around you.”

She explains that they showcase a lot of their products in individual vignettes — something you'd probably see in your home or someone else’s home. The cool part is that they’re almost all accessorized, real-world displays with working plumbing, lighting and fixtures.

“For instance, we have an entire area featuring full bathrooms with toilet, vanities, sinks and faucets. And just like in an art gallery you’ve got everything on the walls, including lighted mirrors. There are even working shower systems you can walk around in.”

But that’s just the beginning. There’s also a full working kitchen in the front of the showroom. “We have interactive displays you can explore,” she explains. “For example, you can test sensor faucets for your kitchen, and touch and feel displays of cabinet and door hardware for your home. When you look up, you’ll see beautiful lighting fixtures. It’s like standing in an actual kitchen.”

In the back of the showroom they have a large area with all types of shower heads, including rain heads and handheld. There’s a digital valve system that customers can operate remotely, punching buttons on a keypad to turn on a shower. “It helps to be able to turn on the shower heads with the keypad. They can check out the spray patterns and use this hands-on experience to make a decision,” Kelly notes.

Their immersive, one-of-a-kind experience also includes two working steam rooms with touch keypads you can use to see how the steam rooms and Whirlpool bathtubs work.

Artisan carries many of the highest quality brands, including Kohler, Kallista, House of Rohl, Waterstone and Hansgrohe. “And because the kitchen and bath can define a home’s personality, we know how important it is for people to touch and feel each fixture, and experience the beauty and elegance first-hand,” Kelly notes.

Collaboration is Key

In addition to working directly with its customers, Artisan supplies builders and designers. “There are so many different scenarios. But for the most part, you’ve got the builders sending the designer in, and the designer is working with the homeowners,” Kelly explained. “So, we’ve learned to adapt and let the client write the book as to how they want things done.”

With its assist computer system and consultants, Artisan can pretty much cater to however they want to run their business through the process. “Some designers will come in themselves and make big selections for their homeowner. Some will come in with the homeowner. And in some cases, the homeowner will come themselves and say, ‘Oh, I'm working with so-and-so.’”

Kelly’s goal is to treat everyone with the same respect. “We work with everyone accordingly. We want to partner for life. Quite often we have clients coming back two or three years after their first project. Repeat business is important.”

Giving Back

Kelly’s drive and enthusiasm isn’t limited to her work. She’s also heavily involved in community service. In fact, the company was recently named 2022 Small Business of the Year by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.

“It was kind of shocking. But yes, that was the first time we’ve been awarded anything since we started our business here, so our hard work and reputation have paid off for us,” Kelly shared. “As a whole, we’re supportive of local businesses here and very involved in the community. We act as trustees for the Chamber and I served on the Centennial Celebration committee.”

“I’m also co-chair for the Winter Park Fall Arts Festival and events chair for the Florida Executive Women’s Group, and have served on boards including the Polasek Museum. Really, it's community involvement that has gotten us to where we are. When we go out in the community, people know the name Artisan.”

“Artisan’s Facebook page intro speaks volumes: Homeowners, designers and builders seeking premier fixtures and fellow coffee and donut enthusiasts.”

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