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Talented Tenth

Quality HBCU Gear Can Be Purchased Locally!

The Talented Tenth Apparel Ltd. Co. was created by Theresa Bew, a South Fulton resident and HBCU alumna (Xavier University of Louisiana), when she realized that out of the 107 Historically Black Colleges and Universities that exist, many HBCU’s are not adequately represented in the apparel paraphernalia market.  Talented Tenth produces vintage inspired letterman cardigans exclusively  for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  The classic style of these cardigans makes them adaptable to any dress code, allows them to be worn many ways, and makes them a piece of iconography that is always in style.  Attending or graduating from a Historically Black College or University is something to proudly represent now more than ever. Breathable 100% cotton with a chenille embroidered patch, ensures regulated body temperature.  More schools are continuously being added and custom pre-sale orders of 50 sweaters or more are always being considered.  They are the perfect gift for any current college student or alumni.

Facebook and Instagram:  The Talented Tenth (@tt10th)