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Three Saints Revival Is Bright, Fun, and Delicious

It’s easy to focus on your surroundings at Three Saints Revival. What with its riot of colors and patterns, the floating cloud sculptures and dream imagery wallpaper, there’s a lot to attract your eye. So yes, you may get swept up in the bright, convivial space, but soon your tummy will rumble, your throat will get dry, and then you’ll remember why you’re there in the first place: To eat and drink. And eat and drink you will.

You’re at Three Saints Revival because you love tapas and lots of them, cocktails that are kissed at the table with rose water and desserts that expertly mix sweet with the savory. You’re at the anchor restaurant of the Hotel Indigo to indulge your taste buds, at the Mediterranean tapas destination designed to please multiple of your five senses, but especially taste.

Three Saints Revival’s executive chef John Broening has helmed many of Denver’s top kitchens, including Duo, Argyll, and, where he first met restaurant owner Robert Thompson, Brasserie Rouge. Here he gets to go wild with small plates, the little bits of this and little bits of that that are fun to order and even more fun to eat.

There’s the super-refreshing watermelon salad with feta and cucumber, well-dressed with red wine, vinegar, and olive oil; the deceptively spicy broccolini speckled with pickled Fresno peppers and anchovies; the house favorite shrimp and chorizo, rich with garlic and sherry butter; and the sofrito-draped lamb meatballs atop creamy parmesan polenta. Oh, and then there are the patatas bravas, a full-on tower of crispy-skinned tater spheres atop a medley of aioli, tomatoes, peppers and onions.

Dessert comes from multiple James Beard Award nominee Yasmin Lozada-Hissom, so obviously you’ll be ordering at least one thing off the sweets menu, and hopefully more. The citrus olive oil cake is a staple, a well-balanced cake served on a thin pool of caramel alongside a scoop of pistachio gelato. Or there’s the flan tocinillo del cielo, or “heaven’s bacon,” a silky chunk of flan with caramelized shredded coconut that lives up to the lofty name.

Of course you’re thirsty too, and so you’ll want to explore beverage director Patrick Williams’s section of the menu. The wine list is presented in a unique way—as a map, where you can pick your sip based on geography if not varietal. Cocktails range from the bubbly Italian Apertivo di Sicilia (blood orange gin, amaro, quince syrup, lime, and prosecco) to the singular Pan’s Cave (aloe vera liqueur, mezcal, lavender syrup, drinking yogurt, lime and a spritz of rose water). You’ll want to try something unexpected, because what fun is the expected?

If Three Saints Revival sounds like a good time, that’s because it is. It was designed to be a post-COVID gathering space, where we can reconnect with friends over good food and drink. It also just so happens to be a bright, bohemian dreamland, because reconnecting with friends over good food and drink is even better in bright, bohemian dreamlands. So yes, enjoy the full sensory ride that Three Saints Revival offers, but especially that good food and drink.

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