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Unveiling Gilbert's Treasured Tequila

Discover the story behind Gilbert local, Debbie Gach and her tequila company

National Tequila Day has come and gone, but there is never a wrong time to celebrate and enjoy a fantastic tequila. Just ask Gilbert resident Debbie Gach, who and her late husband Jonathan co-founded Señor Rio tequila to honor her father. 

Debbie shares that the idea behind the brand started on a rocky road but is undoubtedly a labor of love. “The story starts after 30 years of no communication until my father reached out unexpectedly in 2006. Not sure I was ready to see him, Jonathan encouraged me to go. That's when we embarked on a journey that changed our lives forever,” says Gach. “Emotions flowed as we sipped his homemade tequila, a secret recipe spanning three generations—no label, just a simple bottle, connecting us as a family. Surprisingly, no hangover followed our hours-long indulgence. The reason was all-natural ingredients, and that's when the idea for Señor Rio tequila became a reality.”

Taking a giant leap of faith, the pair left their careers to bring the tequila dream to reality, and 14 years since its inception, Señor Rio is one of the top tequila spirits in the world. “Our success speaks volumes. We've grown organically, driven by our unparalleled taste and timeless presentation. True to the original recipe we discovered while reuniting with my father,” says Gach. 

One of the most incredible things about Señor Rio Tequila is the company’s mission to give back to the community. In 2020, the team created the We Care Crusade, a non-profit created to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs, one child and one family at a time. For Gach, it holds a special place in her heart. "It is dedicated to my beautiful twin granddaughters facing challenges of cerebral palsy, Angelman syndrome, and autism.”

Then, an unexpected encounter with a friend brought in a new partner to the mix, actor Joe Mantegna. Their connection was immediate. Both hail from Chicago, with two daughters of their own and one of Mantegna’s daughters with special needs; the two quickly realized they were a good fit for this excellent brand. “Tequila with a cause became our shared passion! Not only are we raising awareness for Señor Rio, but we’re also doing the same for We Care Crusade. Together, we are dedicated, committed, and focused.”

Mantegna also quickly realized that their connection was much more than a business connection, one that was indeed a blessing overall. “I love everything about this brand. The spirits are an example of tequila made in the most authentic way possible, and the quality speaks for itself,” says Mantegna. “Also, the story behind Debbie and how this company came about made it a no-brainer for me in terms of wanting to be involved.” 

The tequila itself is set apart from others for a few reasons, says Gach. “Señor Rio Tequila is crafted with love and a family heritage, not in a corporate boardroom. It's a traditional three-generation family recipe with no additives, artificial flavors, or coloring.” The tequila is ultra-premium, small-batch, and has received many awards. The bottles come with tequila and have a special message that reads, “Sharing tequila.. Is sharing life,” encouraging people to share it with friends and family.  

For the We Care Crusade, the gift is simple. As a small foundation, they fund the endeavors by selling the Señor Rio tequila nationwide, donating one dollar for every bottle sold.  For Mantegna, the passion behind the tequila and foundation struck at the heart of it all for him. “Becoming part owner of a tequila company was not something I actively pursued, but I’ve often found that the most rewarding gifts one receives in life come unexpected. I’m thrilled to be involved with Debbie, Señor Rio, and their mission, and I will do everything I can to help this company with a heart move forward now and in the future.”

Señor Rio tequila is available exclusively at Total Wine and More stores nationwide. Visit and for more information.

“Our success speaks volumes. We've grown organically, driven by our unparalleled taste and timeless presentation. True to the original recipe, we discovered while reuniting with my father,” says Gach.