Manhattan’s most Tasty brew!

Tasty IPA has become one of Manhattan Brewing Company’s most popular beers

On July 8th, 2020, Jake Voegeli, Garrett Paulman & Adam Krebsbach officially set sail on the journey of opening the Manhattan Brewing Company together. Twenty-three months later, with a great reputation across town, and new, bigger brew tanks that were recently installed, there’s no doubt they made the right move. While the Manhattan Brewing Company has several signature beers to choose from, one of their most popular beers is the Tasty IPA. Brewed with hops from the Yakima Valley of the Northwest Pacific, Tasty IPA is one of the “original six” beers they offered on-tap when they first opened. This classic, West Coast-style India Pale Ale was actually named in Paulman’s garage by the founding trio, in an ode to Paulman. With every beer he likes, he exclaims it to be, “Tasty! Mmm, thats a tasty beer!” - so that’s the name they floated, kept kicking around, and would eventually choose for this beloved IPA. 

Upon the pour, it’s delightful to see the yellowish, hazy-colored beer come alive through the glass, and naturally becoming collared by a frothy & creamy head. At first whiff, Tasty IPA is citrusy to the nose - thanks to the orange and grapefruit notes coming through - with just a hint of malt in the back end. The first taste lends an instant refreshment from the fruit, staying consistent in flavor throughout the drink with all of its complexity shining through, without one flavor over-powering another, before finishing off with the bitter taste that IPA drinkers have come to expect. With each passing sip, the entire beer remains smooth, easy to drink, and overall very good - or shall we say, Tasty! 

There’s a reason why Tasty IPA has become the best-selling packaged beer offered by Manhattan Brewing Co. It’s available on-tap and in 4-packs at the brewery, and at liquor stores throughout town. Manhattan Brewing Company is celebrating two years in Manhattan in July! 

Beer: Tasty IPA 

Brewery: Manhattan Brewing Company 

Style: Classic West Coast Style IPA 

ABV: 6.5%

Price: 4-pack, 16 oz. cans, $10 

Flavors: citrus, grapefruit, orange, sweet malt 

Aroma: fruitful & sweet, yet bold  

Overall Impression: Classic tasting, citrusy IPA, with a deeply complex flavor, and drinkable from start to finish

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