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TOASTED WALNUT Table and Market

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Holly Farrow and Toasted Walnut Table and Market

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Who knew that a simple chicken salad would create such a following in Celina? It did along with other amazing dishes found at Toasted Walnut Table and Market, a favorite restaurant in town. 

Opening a restaurant was nothing new to Audrea Weimer as she is an original founder of Tender Smokehouse. Just as her first restaurant was flourishing and she was wanting to launch her next concept, Chef Joey Dawkins was looking for a new place for his culinary talents (and the chicken salad). Weimer had restaurant space, but not the name. Dawkins had the name, but no home. An avid believer in God’s timing, Weimer brought on Dawkins as head chef, added a boutique, and created Toasted Walnut Table and Market in August 2019.

Toasted Walnut just celebrated its third anniversary – a testament to Celina supporting the restaurant during the pandemic. Weimer and Dawkins as well as partners, Amy and Brett Hager, are all humble and grateful to the community for keeping the restaurant afloat during that time.  

Naturally, the food is the heart of the restaurant. Weimer notes Dawkins has “mad skills in the kitchen. Everything he does turns to magic.” But having good food is not enough for a restaurant. Weimer believes to put the customer first and offer consistent food in a beautiful atmosphere. She is also adamant about keeping the restaurant closed on Sundays and Mondays to allow staff the opportunity to attend church and rejuvenate. 

Chef Dawkins appreciates Weimer’s philosophy too as it invigorates him during time off. He focuses on creating dishes with “a natural food effect to it, not too high brow” he says. The food has the comforts of home, “approachable but at the same time elevating our food with different levels of cooking and techniques.”  

Dawkins says, “I like to invent dishes that add to the unique adventure of that food, where it is unbeatable in taste and possibly even bring back a part of your childhood.”  He continues, “no food is like ours. For example, with the secret menu, I produce new items and give customers a chance to try something different. Anything can happen.”  Many secret menu items (found on their Facebook page) are their most well-liked dishes as a result. 

Dawkins, as part owner of Toasted Walnut, now runs the everyday operations. As a young chef, Dawkins faced a learning curve with these new responsibilities, but he credits the staff for helping him stating “I would not be where I am today without them.”  

Toasted Walnut is immensely popular, so it makes sense that Audrea Weimer and her partners, Amy and Brett Hager, bring back another town favorite. They recently announced the return of Burger Fixin’s where the recipes will be the same with a few added surprises. They have secured plans for the new space being built at the original location. A special event is being planned to say goodbye to the old building before ushering in the new. Weimer is excited to “bring Burger Fixin’s back to life and build it for a new generation."  

Until then, you can continue to enjoy brisket tacos and some shopping at Toasted Walnut Table and Market. The eatery is truly one of Celina’s best treasures.

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2nd Page Pull Quote: Naturally, the food is the heart of the restaurant. Weimer notes Dawkins has “mad skills in the kitchen. Everything he does turns to magic.”

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