Celina's Podiatrist, Dr Shane Brown, Shares Summer Tips For Foot Care

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Holly Farrow

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed. Dr. Shane Brown couldn’t agree more. In fact, he encourages you to be barefoot throughout summer.

Dr. Shane Brown has been in Celina for nine years, specializing in the foot. “I am Celina’s Podiatrist, that’s all I do,” he states. This summer, he shares some summer foot care tips.

First, as previously said, go barefoot (like on grass, sand, or anywhere safe) regularly. This is especially for children to build up intrinsic muscles in feet yielding fewer problems as an adult. Plus, being barefoot reduces dry cracks on your heels.

Second, Dr. Brown says if you are going to wear sandals or flip flops, make sure they are not flat but have support.  He prefers Birkenstocks or Crocs because the shoes have arches. Sandals often cause cracked heels, so Dr. Brown recommends using lotions like AmLactin. While wearing sandals or if barefoot, Dr. Brown urges us to use sunscreen. Feet can burn easily since they are exposed to the sun. 

Finally, summertime leads to more outside exercise. Dr. Brown says running or walking shoes should be designed for running and made with breathable fabric and strong support. Leather shoes do not allow the foot to breathe.  

Dr. Brown is Celina’s only podiatrist. He’s an expert in the foot and ankle treating regular problems like Planter Fasciitis. “I see it a couple times a week. Everyone tries to fix it themselves, but there is a process for healing,” Dr. Brown says. “I explain what is going on with your foot, why you are having the problem, and how to fix it,” he continues. Dr. Brown notes most people get better without medicine.

Do your kids have pain in their feet? It could be Sever’s Disease, where bones grow faster than tendons. Dr. Brown can help kids get back to their everyday life. In addition, he can permanently repair ingrown toenails providing much relief for people of all ages.

Don’t be overdressed this summer. Go barefoot, play in the sand, and wear sunscreen. But should you need foot care, Dr. Brown is here and ready to treat your feet.

Learn more at ShaneBrownDPM.com or call 972.382.8922

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