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1418 Coffee Prospers

Serving Community, Coffee And Compassion

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Paul Arturo Torres

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Have you ever needed a place to catch up with a friend? Or maybe you want to work outside the office, have some coffee, and grab a bite to eat?  The common denominator revolves around the most popular drinks in the world: coffee. Coffee brings people together and 1418 Coffee in Prosper understands that concept.

1418 Coffee is located on the way to downtown Prosper in one of the most recognizable buildings– the old Prosper Post Office. This building is partially the reason for the town’s name, and the Bryant family realized it was distinctive, historic, and a perfect place for coffee.

The coffee shop is owned by the Bryant Family, David and LeeAnn. David, a native Texan who grew up in Richardson, spent most of his career in corporate life eager to start a new venture he could share with his family. The Bryants have lived in Celina for over seven years and their children and grandchildren live in both Celina and Prosper. So, when they saw the old post office available, David knew it was kismet. 

David notes that the company’s business plan was to look for communities in need of places that desired a gathering spot, a good cup of coffee, and something that would celebrate the local atmosphere --the old post office was just the place. 

It took over a year in renovation and construction, but the Bryants understood the location’s significance and saved some of the post office’s markers and relics for the shop’s design. David says, “We value community, coffee, and compassion. The Prosper location abides by all of that. We serve the community with great coffee.”

This is not the only location for 1418 Coffee. In fact, the Prosper location is the third for the company. While David was looking for a place to build in Celina (close to home), he discovered a building located on Plano’s oldest streets, 1418 K Avenue. It was unique and notable, so David jumped on the opportunity and created the first coffee shop, 1418 Coffee, using the street number as its point of origin. 

Shortly after, 1418 Coffee opened its second shop in Garland, then in Prosper for the third, theoretically making 1418 Coffee a local chain restaurant.  

1418 Coffee is a place to connect with great coffee but is also home to some really good food. 1418 partnered with Lauren Loafman, owner of Sugar Loaf Bakery, to create phenomenal pastries, sandwiches, and bakery items. While people love 1418 Coffee, the customers rave about the food here as well. 

“You can’t exist on coffee alone. People want and need something to go with the coffee,” David says. “Sugar Loaf Bakery makes incredible food, in-house, pairing amazingly well with our coffee. It completes the entire 1418 Coffee experience,” he continued.

In addition, the company distributes its coffee, known as Celina Coffee Roasters, to many local restaurants including Lucy’s in downtown Celina, plus The Wick, a new restaurant opening soon in Celina. Here the coffee will be branded “Swirls” pairing perfectly with The Wick’s infamous Swirls Cinnamon Rolls.  Overall, the company hopes to sell Celina Coffee Roasters in grocery stores and restaurants throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Providing a place to gather, enjoy the second most popular drink in the world, and consume great pastries is the overall mission of 1418 Coffee. David Bryant knew 1418 Coffee would be successful and is grateful for the response from customers in Prosper and Celina. “1418 has been embraced by the town just as we had hoped,” he notes. One would argue the 1418 Coffee is not just flourishing, but “Prospering”.   

1418 Coffee - Downtown Prosper, Texas

102 East Broadway, Prosper