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Six Sips Coffee Co Serving Quality Drinks That Bring People Together

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Nicole Wierick

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Barbara Bush once said, “I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.”  This embodies the family of the Six Sips Coffee Company in Celina. Six Sips Coffee Co, also known as “the coffee sisters,” is run by three sisters and their husbands. In other words, six who sip coffee.

The sisters and their husbands are Ashley and Rex Cotten, Brittany and Brandon McLeod, and Cynda and Jeremy Bearden.  The Cottens and McLeods live in Celina while the Beardens live in Gunter. The sisters like to say they are always together; Ashley and Brittany even have connecting backyards!

All the siblings have full-time careers but after a visit to a local farmer’s market in June 2021, they decided to start a family business. Ashley saw a food trailer and coffee cart and thought “we -- my sisters and I -- could do that.”  After a dinner with the sisters, Six Sips was born.

Immediately the siblings had a mission to focus on “purposeful relationships, clean ingredients & sustainable practices.”  Brittany says that the company will ask “does this match our mission and vision for our company” before they partner with any business.  It is of utmost importance to them that the products are from clean ingredients and locally sourced. They serve quality drinks that bring people together.

The business now consists of the mobile coffee cart, espresso, cold brew, and other coffee related items plus monthly subscriptions.  Six Sips Coffee takes the coffee cart to events like neighborhood gatherings, school festivals, and weddings. 

While they all have the same business goal, each bring a unique skillset. Some have backgrounds in finance, while others in teaching, restaurant equipment, or administration. Ashley says these different talents lend to a successful business. How do they keep up with it all? They use an app designed for sports teams…that and lots of coffee, of course.

Six Sips Coffee hopes to expand with new business ventures. They currently are booking special events and contacting neighborhoods to get more involved with the community. Additionally, they will be at Celina’s Friday Night Markets selling items like cold brew and coffee. 

It is those events that make the siblings love Celina and Gunter. Brittany particularly adores Celina’s square reminiscent “of a Hallmark movie.”  Cynda loves the small town feel where everyone knows everyone. 

When you talk to the sisters, you cannot help but want to be a part of this family. Ashley said their whole life people have asked to become “the fourth sister, because we are a close and valued family.”   Like their mission statement says, they serve quality drinks that bring people together, perhaps the most important ingredient of all. 

For more information about Six Sips Coffee, visit their website or IG@SixSipsCoffeeCo