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Matt Remaley, former Highlands Ranch Soccer Phenom and South Metro Business Owner, Discusses the Many Benefits of Sports Performance Training

As a kid growing up in Highlands Ranch, Matt Remaley was a multi-sport athlete. Around the age of 13 he decided to solely focus on the sport he loved most - soccer. Remaley wanted to not just have a seat on the bench, but excel at his sport, so he approached his dad about additional training with Sterling Joseph at Sterling’s Team Speed, a longtime strength and conditioning coach in South Denver.

“The reason I started training with Sterling at Team Speed was because I wanted to gain an advantage both physically and mentally. I understood that practice alone wouldn’t be enough to help me reach my goals, so I was eager to put in the extra work when nobody was watching,” says Remaley.

That extra work paid off. Remaley went on to play soccer at the University of Cincinnati. And then he played professionally and semi-professionally with the Columbus Crew.

Another local athlete that benefited from training at Team Speed is Mallory Pugh. She grew up in Littleton and plays soccer for the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women's Soccer League, and she plays with the United States women's national soccer team.

"Team Speed has played a huge role in my career," Pugh says. "I have been training with Sterling since I was 10 and it has benefitted my game immensely. I am able to get pushed to my limits by Sterling and since I have been training with him for so long, he has learned what is best for me. The different drills and programs created at Sterling’s Team Speed are ones you don’t necessarily see anywhere else. I have also had a lot of injuries and every time I rehab there, I come back stronger and healthier than before. They have been a huge support system for me and I know that they always have my back -- it is one big family. I can’t thank them enough for everything that they have done for me! Never lose the why in why you started playing. Always have fun and enjoy yourself.”

After college and at the end of his professional soccer career with the Columbus Crew, Remaley came back to Colorado and rejoined Sterling as a head coach at Team Speed. After seven years as head coach, Remaley took over ownership of Team Speed earlier this year.

“The culture at Team Speed played a significant role in shaping the coach I am today. Every time you walk through the door there’s a feeling that you will walk out better than before,” says Remaley.

Remaley sees the most important benefits of sports performance training as helping kids create and understand a state of well-being, both physically and mentally. He believes training instills the values of effort and the hard work required to achieve desired physical and mental goals. Training can promote self-accountability and discipline, which are crucial life skills for personal growth and development.

“When you develop the physical side of your game, it provides an advantage over others in terms of raw athleticism. However, when you combine physical prowess with mental strength, that’s when success comes in all forms, on and off the field,” says Remaley.

“The mental component of athleticism is just as important as the physical aspect. Without mental toughness and resilience, the physical abilities alone won't lead to overall success.”

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