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Stay in the Kitchen

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Tending the Hearth: Showcase Properties of Central Florida

Quick reminders to keep you and your guests safe and disaster-free so you can enjoy the food coma in a snug, happy house

Article by Showcase Properties of Central Florida

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Originally published in Gainesville City Lifestyle

Gatherings at home are the best parts of the holidays; we all look forward to the great food, delicious treats, and the conviviality of the season. This time of year. can also be stressful, too. It’s not difficult to get distracted, or overwhelmed or worse.

·         Stay in the kitchen: Seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people leave their houses with a turkey in the oven. Unattended cooking is the number one reason for fire injuries and fatalities. Plus, you don’t want tiny hands grabbing for sharp objects or stuff on a hot stove. Just pour a glass of wine and settle in.

·         Check fire equipment: Keep your kitchen extinguisher within arm’s reach. Thanksgiving is the peak of home cooking fires (runners up are Christmas Day and Christmas Eve). Check the batteries in your smoke detectors, be sure appliance cords aren’t frayed, and don’t overload power strips.

·         Kids in the kitchen: Little ones underfoot is never a good idea with sharp objects, open flame, and abandoned Lego potentially causing dire harm. Set up a game room and snack table for the kids so they can enjoy a soiree of their own -- and you can enjoy your wine. Happy Holidays from Showcase Properties of Central Florida      Seasonal Safety Tips

  • Stay in the Kitchen
  • Check fire equipment
  • Kids in the Kitchen

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