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Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

In the modern world it seems though bigger is better in every aspect. SUV’s feel like driving a house down the road. 3rd row seating is standard, and 4th row is optional. With all of this emphasis on being large and in charge it makes one wonder, is there a one size fits all in the automotive sector? Audi handed me the keys on what they believed was the ultimate touring sedan, the S8.

At first glance this sedan was large, it was wide, and almost felt unnecessary. However that concern soon dissipated the moment I sat in the drivers seat. Audi boasted that their new S8 was in a league of it’s own, and I was on a mission to find out if they were indeed correct. Now I’m not going to lie, my ideal car is something impractical with stupid amounts of horsepower and a speeding ticket waiting to happen. After mile 20 driving the S8, Audi had proven that stupid amounts of horsepower and practicality can indeed coexist. This car could quite possibly be the fastest sedan I’ve driven. The heart of this amazing car is a robust twin turbo v8 yielding nearly 600hp. The Audi S8 is the car that makes you think you're doing the speed limit, but in reality you're going double the speed. Plain and simple this car is an absolute rocketship. Incredibly smooth shifts from an 8 speed transmission make reaching the speed of sound effortless. Let’s cover the practical points of this automobile. Besides mastering the art of the autobahn, Audi has developed some pretty amazing features on the S8. Here’s a couple that made me really appreciate this car. Driving noise was almost non existent. In fact this car was so quiet at highway speeds If it wasn’t the movement of driving, I would have been convinced we were parked. Truly incredible how comfortable this car was to drive. The sound system was another amazing feature, felt like a concert in my own car. The sound quality was bar none fantastic.

Now one would ask, is there anything you didn’t like about the car? As much as I loved driving this big sedan down the road as if I was a European diplomat, parking was a concern. Yes it has back up camera features, but even so, the S8's presence was clearly felt in the tight parking spots. Now the question remains, do I approve? Its definitely the largest sedan I’ve driven, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable sedans I’ve been behind the wheel in. Audi has really done a top notch job with this car. I approved of this car the moment I drove onto the highway on ramp. Well done Audi, this quite possibly could be the best touring car on today’s road.

Test drive today at Audi Flatirons. 

Favorite Attributes of the S8

+ Twin Turbo V8 puts 600hp to all 4 wheels as I’ve never experienced in a sedan before

+ Hands down the quietest car I’ve driven on the highway

+ The interior aesthetics alone puts this car in a league of its own

+ Driver oriented cockpit really puts the driver in the focal point of this car

+ One of the best sound systems 

+ All-wheel drive makes this an all-weather sedan which is a major plus

+ Touch screen interface is easy to use and makes your needs while driving easier and safer

+ Fun is an understatement, has the practicality of a sedan but the driving behaviors of a sportscar. 

+ This, in my opinion, is the ultimate touring car

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