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Family man Tyler Taunton co-owns Texas Roof Repair with his long-time colleague and friend Joseph Robertson. Their company has been serving Dripping Springs, Austin and surrounding areas since 2017.

Texas Roof Repair services both residential and commercial roofing needs, offering repairs and replacements. Their company’s motto is “Respond. Deliver.”

“In the customer service world, sometimes it’s difficult to find someone to respond to your needs. We not only want to excel at responding, but we want to go above and beyond on delivering what was promised in our proposed solution,” said Taunton. “We want our customers to feel taken care of. We know that getting a roof done is not nearly as exciting as buying a car, but we want to make it as pain-free as possible.”

Taunton has lived in Dripping Springs for 10 years.

“When our realtor first took us down Hamilton Pool Road, she assured us that one day people would not complain about visiting us ‘way out here’ in Deer Creek Ranch.” Taunton and his family have been amazed by the community’s growth over the last decade.

“My drive to succeed is my family. I want my girls to know how much I love and care about them, and maybe help pay for all the weddings,” said Taunton. He is the proud father of four girls, Landin Nicole, Grace Ann, Andi Grace, and Austin Tyler. “I am beyond blessed to call Stormi Taunton my wife. She is a rock in our home and keeps the train on the tracks,” he says. “She is the most supportive and encouraging woman I’ve ever met.”

When asked how he keeps family at the center of his life while also keeping the business on track, Taunton says, "It’s about doing the right thing, even when it hurts. Then, I feel, we will have a sturdy ship in Texas Roof Repair for years to come.” 


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