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Thanksgiving Confessions

What Trials and Tribulations Have We Lived Through?

Cory Lawson
Stone Soup Galleries

One year, my sweet potato casserole caught fire in the oven and came out charred black. That's when I learned putting marshmallows on sweet potatoes was like putting fuel on your casserole!

Shannon Smith Cancila
Special School District of St. Louis County teacher and Marquette High School 

My worst memory of Thanksgiving Day was on a drive to Colorado for the first time with my family. We stopped at the only open place to eat: Walmart. All that was left was six chicken tenders and dried macaroni. We were all so hungry and disappointed!

Phil Graves
Dierbergs Markets

I do eat a little bit of turkey, but I always eat so much more of certain side dishes—I’m talking stacks of stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. (Not just a little drizzle of gravy, but to the point where the stuffing and potatoes are almost drowning!)

Deb Abbott
St. Louis Oasis

Every Thanksgiving Day is magical because it takes me back to two times I participated in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, once with the Bullwinkle (J. Moose) balloon. We had to get there at 3 or 4 a.m., and it was a whole other world going on, surrounded by clowns whizzing around on rollerskates, for example. I got to control Bullwinkle's left hand, which is the one that waves! All the helium from all the balloons is let out altogether after the parade and goes into the air. The Clydesdale horses were participating, and we got to hear them whinny in a high-pitch due to the helium's effect.