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New Year, Best You

Eleven 11 Laser & Skincare

New year’s resolutions, excuses, and the shame that follows are upon us, and we’re all looking for ways to be our best. Recognizing this, Eleven11 Laser + Skincare is offering a range of beautifying services to keep your skin glowing throughout 2023, starting with microneedling and ending with their signature laser hair removal.

Eleven11 offers two types of microneedling: regular and radiofrequency. While both provide incredible resurfacing to the skin through collagen production, radiofrequency is the more advanced and popular of the two - as well as Eleven11’s specialty. It offers a much stronger anti-aging treatment at a higher price point, but the results make sense of the investment. Think of it as an ROI on your skin health.

Acne is another common obstacle to new year-quality skin, and traditional use of Accutane isn’t everyone’s preference. But come January, Eleven11 will release a brand new laser to replace Accutane: Aviclear, a less harsh alternative that’ll be offered at select offices. If you’re suffering from the side effects of Accutane and are seeking another solution, Eleven11 is one of few Denver clinics that’ll be offering the service in 2023. 

You can also target acne with Eleven11’s chemical peels. “Our medium depth peel will make you feel like a snake,” says Katie Roche, owner of Eleven11, “but the results are amazing. They’re typically done in a series of three.” The clinic carries a range of other chemical peels with varying intensity, allowing for a fully custom experience based on your skin’s unique needs. And with microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars can be replaced with new, healthy skin through light refreshes or deeper therapy if needed.

Lastly, for a shave-free new year that’ll nix razor burn and ingrown hairs from your routine, opt for Eleven11’s head-to-toe laser hair removal. “This is the service we started with, and what we built the rest of our business around,” Katie says, “It takes anywhere from 10-12 monthly sessions to complete, and completely eliminates the need to shave once your sessions are up.” There’s only one caveat: the service doesn’t work on blonde or red hair, as the hairs need to be dark enough for treatment. Still, if you’re dark-haired and want that hairless summer look by next June, now would be the perfect time to start considering the length of treatment. 

Give yourself the best look possible in 2023 with Eleven11 Laser + Skincare’s myriad of beautifying services, alongside their custom-tailored home care regimens to complement your in-office procedures. To send love to their customers and supporters this new year, Eleven11 will grant you 15% off your next package when you mention this article upon arrival. Just book an appointment on their website at, or call their office at (720) 556-4505 to set something up.