The 4 Fundamentals of Real Estate Selling in Potomac

Access, Exposure, Condition, and Price

At Coakley Realty, our expert agents know that selling a property involves much more than planting a "For Sale" sign. We focus on elements that we can control and 4 key factors when selling.

1. Access: Few people buy a property without looking at it. Sellers that understand the importance of access, know that they must be flexible to open their property for buyers to see it at any time. When access is made easy, sellers see greater success with shorter time on market.

2. Exposure: Photos and developing a listing is not enough. Understanding how to create a compelling description and drive maximum exposure ensures the greatest visibility and awareness for the property. Take an integrated approach when marketing the property. Use multiple listing sites, social media, direct mail, digital advertising as well as the agent’s network. Understand what channels target and deliver the right qualified buyers. A focused effort will increase the effectiveness of your exposure and return.

3. Condition: Well-maintained properties do not need major upgrades. Sometimes there are small changes that in many cases, will have high impact on returns. These include a fresh neutral painting, cosmetic repairs, staging, and professional cleaning. These small changes can greatly increase the perceived value of your property.

4. Price: Most properties sell if priced correctly. A real estate agent has access to and considers local market data and circumstances. They look at and compare recent closed sale prices, average days on market, current comparable listings, and the condition of your property to determine the listing price. This approach provides insights as to ‘the why’ to price your property a certain way. It removes the emotion, manages your expectations, and helps you get top dollar on your sale.

Keep focus on these 4 fundamental factors and see maximum results with the sale of your property.

Coakley Realty has helped residents of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia buy and sell homes and commercial properties since 1989. When you are ready to buy or sell your home or commercial property and are looking for a full service approach, call our real estate experts at 301-340-8700 ext. 1101 for a FREE Professional Home Consultation.

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