The Absolute Best Customer Experience

Customer Choices in the Growing Furniture Market

The furniture market is growing. The key driver for this growth is customer preferences. Upgrading digital innovation so clients can design and see their furniture options add to the customer value. Colors that provide harmony and fun are timeless and classic and when done tastefully will never go out of style. Sustainability and comfort is at an all-time high in customer focus. Knowing how and where their products are produced and the comfort of the pieces is making a greater impact in the market.

Relax in knowing Walker Furniture knows the trends in colors, technology and understands the focus on sustainable and comfortable luxury items means transforming the industry and providing you with the absolute best customer experience.

Palliser Digital Innovation & Sustainability 

Palliser is committed to embodying business practices that promote the long-term preservation and enhancement of natural resources. Their 78 years of mastery in the furniture industry results in a product whose quality can be seen and felt in every frame, fabric, feather, spring, and stitch and now at Walker Furniture, you will have the opportunity to personalize your furniture with their computerized program right in the store. It will allow you to see a reflection of yourself, your home, and your life, in the products you buy.

Modern Farmhouse Colors

Farmhouse colors create an exciting combination (with the proper mixing and complementation, of course) of unique charm for this new-yet-old design style. The main characteristics of the farmhouse decor are simple and functional from a neutral color palette to that amazing pop of color. It is pretty easy to understand because we often seek comfort to find our inner peace, express ourselves and act freely. "There’s no place like home."

Stressless Mattresses Comfort & Sustainability

With 30 years of experience in the mattress industry, Stressless and Ekornes are bringing comfort to the American market with the Stressless Sky Mattress. Designs are based on over 80 years of research and sleep comfort, with the highest quality materials, expert craftsmanship and custom design. With the inhouse expertise of Ekornes combined with the legendary Stressless brand you will be introduced to a new standard in sleep comfort. Better Sleep is truly an investment in health.

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