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The Advanced Technology Center

Investing in Phase 1 of Manhattan Tech's Building HIRE Campaign

Our last interaction with Manhattan Tech President & CEO Jim Genandt was in late October 2022. A quick glance around his office shows a scene that remains familiar, with minimal alterations. The corner office retains its sunny and bright ambiance, decorated with classic rock band posters and Blues Brothers memorabilia adorning the walls. Remarkably, President Genandt himself presents an unchanged appearance, with his characteristic long, silver hair and attire consisting of a maroon shirt paired with khaki pants, reflecting the school's colors. Despite the apparent continuity, a notable change is evident across campus.

Eighteen months ago, and even before then, the realization of the Building HIRE Education Campus Expansion Capital Campaign was merely a vision. Over time, the renderings were finalized, and comprehensive plans were developed. The pursuit of funding was underway. Presently, the campus has transformed into a fully operational construction site, with the Advanced Technology Center on the verge of completion.

The cutting-edge Advanced Technology Center, spanning 47,200 square feet, stands as the cornerstone of the inaugural phase of the Building HIRE Education initiative. Encompassing seven technical programs, this state-of-the-art facility serves as the hub for disciplines including Construction, Plumbing & Electrician Technologies, HVAC, Emergency Medical Services, and Biomanufacturing. Replacing six modular buildings, this singular structure not only consolidates resources, but also accommodates program expansion, strategically aligning with the rising demand in the regional workforce.

Contracted by Manhattan's BHS Construction and having subcontracts with various area businesses, the lead on the construction of the Advanced Technology Center anticipates completion by the end of April. The relocation of current programs is scheduled for the summer, ensuring a seamless transition for the start of the school year. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony, in collaboration with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, is set for August 29th.

Since its establishment in 1965, Manhattan Tech has played a pivotal role in shaping the workforce and bolstering the economy of the greater Manhattan area. The evidence is compelling. According to research conducted by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, Manhattan Tech boasts the top-ranked return on investment among all public colleges and universities in Kansas. Notably, Manhattan Tech excels in specific programs, with its Construction Tech and Registered Nurse programs earning the top spot in the state. In a testament to its overall excellence, WalletHub, recognized Manhattan Tech as the fourth-best two-year college in the nation in 2022, out of nearly 700 institutions. This ranking considered factors such as graduation rate, job placement rate, and job earnings, further solidifying Manhattan Tech's position as a leader in providing quality education and preparing students for successful careers. Starting after phase one, the estimated economic impact is expected to grow from the current $18 million dollars annually, to over $50 million.

Upgraded facilities, including modern classrooms and laboratories, promise to elevate the educational experience for students, ensuring they are well-equipped for the demands of the professional world. The Building HIRE Education Campus Expansion Capital Campaign aims to raise funds for the development of the new campus across four distinct phases. Following Phase I, Phase II is dedicated to the creation of a three-story building located at the intersection of Wreath Avenue and Dickens Avenue, catering specifically to bio-services and healthcare needs. Phase III involves the refurbishment of the existing main building and an expansion of the Information & Network Technology program. Lastly, Phase IV will witness the establishment of new and expanded facilities in the northwest corner of the campus, serving as the hub for community services, childhood development, and the regional testing center.

The campaign's emphasis on industry-relevant programs aligns education with the needs of the workforce, boosting graduates' employability and positively impacting the local economy. The campus expansion isn't just about constructing buildings; it's an investment in the future. This initiative generates job opportunities, stimulates community development, and establishes Manhattan Tech as a hub for cutting-edge research.

The building for Phase I will cost around $16 million dollars, and the funding is nearly half complete. Since Manhattan Tech doesn’t have taxing authority, and is completely funded by tuition and private donations, supporting this campaign is imperative. It’s a testament to your commitment to education, community development, and the empowerment of future generations. Your contribution ensures that Manhattan Tech College continues to be a beacon of academic excellence, making a lasting impact on the lives of students and the prosperity of the community. Join us in building a brighter future through the Building HIRE Education Campus Expansion campaign.

"We make things happen to help revolutionize and ignite education." - Dr. Genandt 

"There isn't a better return for your money."