The Art of Asado

Bringing the savory tradition of an Argentine barbecue from Buenos Aires to Boulder.

“You never miss a family asado on Sundays,” says Karly Saber, co-owner of Boulder’s Rincon Argentino along with husband and chef Christian Saber.

After meeting in Breckenridge in 2007, Karly (a Colorado native) and Christian (born and raised in Buenos Aires), have settled in Boulder, grown their family to five (three boys!) and opened their own “Little Argentine Corner.” The restaurant (RinconArgentinoBoulder.com), has had a line out the door ever since opening in 2012. 

“My life’s dream was to open a restaurant. I enjoy more the concept of Rincon, that every single person that walks in here feels comfortable; it is a place for everyone.” 

Nicknamed “club social” by locals, the space incites community centered around traditional Argentine food connecting them to their Latin American neighbors. The famous empanadas are a blend of Christian’s mother’s recipes emboldened by his culinary education from the Instituto Gato Dumas. They are made with chopped and sautéed meat and vegan ingredients, range from mild to spicy, and are meant to be savored with a hot cup of imported maté tea. This multi-cultural family runs the restaurant together, and their sons never miss a beat. 


Noa, age 10, says, “I like stuffing the empanadas and working the cash register, because it’s the easiest job and because I get to see my friends when they come in.” 

You’ll probably find Felipe, age seven, speaking Spanish to customers while washing tables and eating his favorite gaucho empanadas made with ground beef, caramelized onions, red peppers and raisins. Bright-eyed Nico, only one-years-old, will most likely by indulging in a freshly-baked empanada the size of his face.

“The boys grew up around the culture, every weekend they are learning the art of asado, they are around the fire and they love to eat the Argentine food,” says Christian. 

On any given day in Buenos Aires, “you can tell who is barbecuing, who is making empanadas, chorizo, and you can smell the onions and red peppers all through the neighborhood,” says Christian. And on every Sunday the asado, a traditional South American barbecue, takes center stage while spiraling smoke wafting from lawns and rooftops signals the family event has begun. The Rosen’s own backyard near Boulder hosts weekly asado’s that take place around the traditional parilla, an open-fire barbecue and manned by the asador, who is responsible for slow-cooking and perfectly charring the juicy lamb and savory sausages. This seven-to-eight hour event invites a stiff drink (or two), and features flowing cups of maté, bi-lingual conversations and kids bouncing across the yard—bringing the Latin sabor stateside. 

During Covid-19, Rincon Argentino has stayed open for takeout, selling empanadas as either frozen, par-baked or ready-to-eat. “It’s been really cool to see people taking our empanadas rock-climbing or boating; those rich experiences shared as a family that doesn’t necessarily have to be in the four walls of a restaurant,” says Karly. Buenprovecho!

Side bar:

¡Que Rico! 

Empanadas are made differently across Latin America using a variety of dough, fillings, and cooking methods. The Argentine empanada is a staple on the dining table and ranges from low-cost ingredients to gourmet fillings. At Rincon Argentino, they craft a happy blend of both, “made with quality and love,” says Christian.

Visit: 2525 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

Call: (303) 442-4133

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