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The Art of Charcuterie

Engage all your senses with this creative and tasty trend

Meats: Salami, prosciutto, capicola, sausage— essentially, whatever kind of meat you enjoy can be presented in a charcuterie-friendly way. Fold or roll the meat and then tuck it away into the board’s nooks and crannies.

Cheeses: Who doesn’t love cheese? From sharp cheddar to buttery havarti or creamy brie, the pairings are truly endless. This board has 10 different cheeses— can you spot them all?

Grains: Every board needs a vessel to pile on all the culinary combinations. Crackers are the common culprit, and we recommend picking a combination of thin wafers, fuller crackers, pita, and pretzels to create the ultimate textural experience.

Spreads: The spreadable element of the board is where creativity can really shine. This board uses homemade blueberry, raspberry, and jalepeno compotes over goat cheese. Short on time? Honey is a quick, pre-made element that pairs particularly well with spice.

Fruits: Fruit adds a sweetness and color to the board while providing an opportunity to play with seasonal produce. Grab a handful of fresh berries for summertime, or slice up some crisp apples and plump pears during the fall.

Salty Sides: Salty garnishes like mixed nuts and olives complement virtually every component on the board. Use these smaller pieces to fill in the gaps of your board at the end.

The Art of Charcuterie is an organized chaos. It’s calculated, yet creative. Savory, yet sweet. Fun, yet sophisticated. There’s no wonder it’s taken centerstage at kitchen tables and gatherings of every kind. Kerry Manco started charcuterie as an enjoyable way to stick to the Keto diet, because, minus the crackers, everything on the boards can be curated to a Keto-friendly lifestyle. When the Coronavirus outbreak rendered her jobless in April of 2020, Kerry thought she’d try selling some of her boards. She put a feeler out on Facebook to see who might be interested, and within 24 hours there were over 250 responses. Since then, she created her LLC, Boards & Bartending by Kerry, and business has been thriving. 

“I started with no background or education whatsoever. I didn’t know anything about cheese or cured meats,” Kerry says. “You really can make a living doing something that you really enjoy.”

The board pictured serves 8-10 people as a snack, but she customizes boards to serve any number. Typically, charcuterie entails meats, cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, a spreadable component, crackers, and nuts, but the beauty of the art is that there are really no “rules.” As a self-proclaimed technology junkie, Kerry found her creative side with charcuterie. The flexibility of the art allows space to be as extravagant or as thrifty as needed and brings a measure of celebration to any occasion. 

Contact Kerry at Boards & Bartending on her website: