The Art of Choosing Art for Your Home

Advice from David Manola of Boulevard Fine Art South

David Manola, owner of Boulevard Fine Art South in Nokomis, knows how to choose art. After all, he’s bought and sold world class art for more than 30 years. His career has taken him from fine art galleries in Chicago to buying art for Marshall Fields; and from opening Boulevard Fine Art in Illinois to launching the ‘South’ gallery in Nokomis. 

For many people, however, selecting art is a difficult and confusing endeavor. There are hundreds of genres and styles of art, vast differences in the quality of work, and a world of sources from which to acquire art. Who and what can you trust? 

Yet, art has the capacity to infuse a home with personality and happiness. Here, David offers some timeless tips on the art of choosing art. 

Buying Art is Personal 

You'll probably see the art you've chosen every day, so don’t blindly follow art trends, or buy a painting similar to something you saw at your neighbor’s place. 

Connect to the Art You Choose

Wait until you find a work that speaks to you or moves you in some way. “We sell a lot of art on memories,” says David. 

If You Love it, Buy It

The most important thing David tells clients is to buy the art that they fall in love with. However…

Be Realistic About Colors that Will Work 

Take into consideration the color scheme of your rooms to ascertain whether the art will complement the space. 

View Art in Person

Buying from the Internet is convenient, but unless you stand in front of a painting and view it with natural light you won’t know what the piece really looks like. 

Find a Gallery That Wants You to Be Happy with Your Choice.

Boulevard Fine Art South has policies to ensure that clients have made the right art decision, including a 24-48-hour period to view it at home, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a unique lifetime trade-in agreement.  

Frame the Work Properly

Framing can either enhance or diminish the work. “That's why we offer a framing service," says David. “It’s a small part of our business but it makes a big difference to clients.”

Boulevard Fine Art South


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