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As consumers, we are constantly being enticed to buy. Whether it’s the jewelry we can’t live without, concert tickets to a show we don’t want to miss, or that favorite pair of shoes that’s calling our name. We buy what we love, and art should be no different. 

If you are new to acquiring original art, you may find it daunting, but it shouldn’t be. It is a special purchase that forces you to dig deep and discover a bit more about yourself. At first, many people shy away from buying original art because of the commitment. It’s a big decision after all, and how do you really know when it’s the “perfect” piece? Since art is subjective, part of the process is learning what style of art is the best fit for you.  Is it colorful and energetic abstracts, or soothing landscapes that catch your eye? Maybe you are drawn to local photography, or even figurative works. There is no wrong answer, and maybe it’s a mix of several styles that creates your unique collection. The best way to find out your “art personality” is to get out and visit your local galleries. Consider making it a tradition to visit galleries while traveling or buy a piece of art as a gift on special occasions. In the gallery setting, you can explore various art styles, mediums, and even learn more about the talented artists who create those works. 

With the purchase of original art comes other considerations. Often, we have clients who need direction figuring out what size of art they need and its placement in the design of their space.  If you find a piece of art you love, you will always find a spot for it. Ask the gallery if they offer in-home art consultation services to see the piece in your setting. Great custom framing is key and well-designed framing is the jewelry to a great piece of art. Quality archival framing protects your art from UV rays that can damage a piece over time. Original art should last generations.

I’m often asked, should I buy art for investment? There is a place for investment art, but I don’t believe in buying art with the pretense that it will go up in value. There is no guarantee it will and to me, good investment art brings different riches to your life. Art that brings you joy, adds personality to your space, and makes your home original is an investment in you. The best art investment should be the feeling you experience gazing into an oil painting that perfectly captures a warm sunset over the prairie, or the texture created by a palette knife on the abstract that seems to pop off the canvas. That is what makes investing in original art priceless.