The Art of Gratitude

An Artist's Journey Leads to Teaching Gratitude

Artzy Kreations, in the heart of downtown Papillion, is not your average art studio. Sure, you can find art classes, and get together with your friends for a paint & (non-alcoholic) sip party.  But at Artzy Kreations, Luba Carlson shares her passion through "Gratia Partum," a gratitude art journaling class that gathers on Tuesday nights. 

It's more than a class; it's a community where art meets appreciation, and journaling prompts spark creativity. In these sessions, participants explore various art techniques, each designed to enhance their gratitude experience.

Artzy Kreations has become a hub of creativity and positivity.  Luba Carlson’s expertise in acrylics, watercolor, and henna techniques shines through in specialized classes that cater to diverse interests and skill levels.

At 29, Luba Carlson turned a new page in her life by moving from Ukraine to America. In her homeland, she was a seasoned teacher, an occupation she initially sought to continue in her new country. However, facing the unexpected challenges of re-establishing her teaching credentials, Luba decided to forge her own path.

Equipped with a master's degree in mathematics, she found herself in a paradoxical position: overqualified for some roles and yet underqualified for others due to perceived experience gaps. Undeterred, she launched her own venture, a business that would leverage her organizational prowess to help others. This enterprise taught her a valuable lesson: her passion did not lie in merely planning but in teaching and creating.

With the birth of her child and a subsequent move to Texas, Luba started a daycare from her home. While fulfilling, this venture was isolating and exhausting, prompting her to seek out an activity just for herself. Reconnecting with her love for mathematics, she discovered solace in the precise and creative act of drawing Mandalas. This form of art became her sanctuary, leading her down an unexpected path toward art and gratitude.

Luba's foray into artistic expression was no fleeting pastime. It grew into a cornerstone of her life, a way to sit with and savor her gratitude. She began with bullet points in a journal, but her mathematician's precision and teacher's creativity soon turned these into elaborate designs. Glitter, paint, and eventually watercolors found their way into her work, transforming her gratitude practice into a mixed-media celebration.

Luba soon learned that spending time each week with her gratitude art journal produced more than a pretty book.  She found that the longer she sat in her gratitude, the more good things happened in her life. Even expressing gratitude for things she did not have yet seemed to make them appear. 

She has several stories of this working in her life, but the biggest one was when she made a vision board of her dream house. She forgot about it but continued with her gratitude journaling, and when she and her family made a big move, it just so happened that the house they bought fit about 90% of what she had dreamed of on her vision board long ago. 

Luba says, “I believe it’s important to sit in my gratitude, making sure that I am heard, that my gratitude is received.”  She says it’s like a direct line to the higher power. 

To explore Luba's classes and her unique approach to art and gratitude, visit


I believe it’s important to sit in my gratitude, making sure that I am heard, that my gratitude is received.

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