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The Art of Home Service

RJW Exteriors Gives The White-Glove Experience You (And Your Home) Will Love

What sort of things come to mind when you think about getting white-glove service? It might conjure up images of an exotic car dealership, private jets whisking you off from private clubs to exclusive luxury resorts, or a world-class, classically trained specialist repairing a priceless Stradivarius. It’s likely to include a butler of some kind.

But it might not be something you’d associate with roofing, siding, or replacement windows and doors.

At least not until now. RJW Exteriors is doing their level best to add that to this list.

The expectation of homeowners when they begin the process of improving or repairing problems in their home is probably dreading the process and hoping for the best. They anticipate it’s going to be a slog, rife with problems and delays from a company that leaves them with more questions than answers.

“Every project we undertake is a custom project,” explains Lucy Casey, Creative Marketing Manager of RJW Exteriors. “It’s all focused on our client from the beginning. Once they call us, we begin the process of visiting with them, designing the project around their specific needs and expectations, and building a team around what they need to have done.”

“Each home is different, with its own situation. You can’t provide the best service with guesswork and cookie-cutter answers. We’ll look at underlying causes, how the home is built, and what issues each project might face. That’s how we fit the right solution to each home. Something as simple as how the sun hits each part of the house at different times of the day can have a major impact upon the outcome, and what should be done. We use technology at every turn, including 3D renderings of your home. It’s really design backed by science.”

Besides the bespoke project, the best part might just be the knowledge that you won’t be chasing some unreachable contractor that has conflicting schedules and questionable accountability. When you partner with this company, they provide a dedicated project manager to your home that will keep the lines of communication open. The white glove service doesn’t become a white-knuckle experience for an RJW Exteriors client.

“We have a seven-step process with every one of our clients,” according to Casey. “It begins with their call. We’ll schedule a visit to come for a free design consultation before they even become a client. Once they agree to do the work, we prepare them for what’s going to happen and keep them informed throughout the process. We’ll even reach out to their neighbors to let them know what we’ll be doing to make them aware of any noise or distractions that might occur. It’s important to us to ensure a quality experience from beginning to end.”

That beginning doesn’t require an immediate decision as you work with the designers around your kitchen table. Home remodeling projects aren’t an impulse buy. Once they give you an estimate for your project, RJW Exteriors locks in your pricing for a full year, so no matter what market changes that might happen – and let’s face it, inflation is real everywhere - the price won’t change. It’s a guaranteed, sustainable cost.

The goal isn’t to pile up projects and move on. It’s to make sure once a project is completed, the homeowner feels like they’ve had the best possible experience. They’ve made this a goal throughout their nearly 30-year history.

One of their clients gushed about what the process was like for her. “It started with an intelligent and non-pressuring spokesperson. Our project was completed by competent, caring, talented and careful workers. We enjoyed working with everyone in the company. In fact, they made us feel like family.”

Even for family, the white gloves never come off.

RJW Exteriors is based in Lake Hopatcong and serves North Jersey. They can be reached at (862) 263-9733.