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An Artful Dish

Chicken Tinga Tostadas with Avocado Salsa and Cabbage Slaw

Serves 6-8

I make this dish every time I come home from traveling, which hasn’t been happening much these days, but it still has that stick-to-your-ribs comfort that wants to make you curl up on the couch. It has all of the things. It’s crunchy. It’s fresh. It’s spicy. It’s bright. It’s creamy. Mexican food always does that for me. It hits all of the notes in an incredibly approachable way. 



  • 2lbs chicken thighs, boneless, skinless 

  • 8C tomatoes, puréed in the blender, ~8 medium beefsteak

  • 3C +¼C, yellow onion, sliced 

  • 4-5 each (not can!) chipotle peppers in adobo

  • 5 garlic cloves, minced

  • 12-16 corn tortillas (2-4 per person, no judgment)

  • 2 avocados, large or 3 small

  • 1-2 jalapeños, sliced

  • ⅓C + ¼C lime juice

  • ½C + 3tbsp cilantro, chopped

  • 1C radishes, sliced

  • 3C cabbage, purple, sliced

  • 6oz feta cheese, crumbled

  • 2tbsp olive oil

  • ¾C water

  • 4tsp kosher salt 


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Season chicken thighs with 2tsp of kosher salt.

  3. Heat olive oil over high heat in a deep pan, such as a Dutch oven. Brown the chicken thighs in batches, be careful not to overcrowd the pan. Brown them nicely on both sides. If you find them sticking to the pan, let them be. They often tell you when they are ready to be flipped by easily releasing from the pan. 

  4. Cut the stem out of the tomato and blend them until smooth. Add in chipotle peppers to your spice preference. Be sure to add in 3tbsp of just the adobo sauce they are canned with. Add in 1tsp of salt and blend until smooth. 

  5. Once the chicken is browned, take it out and return the heat to medium low. Add in all but the ¼C of sliced onions and sauté. Let them cook for 5 minutes, until they start to become translucent. Next add in the garlic and sauté for 30 seconds. 

  6. Add in your tomato chipotle mixture to the onions and garlic. Add chicken thighs back in and allow mixture to simmer over medium low heat for around 30-40 minutes, uncovered. You want the mixture to reduce by half. The chicken will be tender, able to pull apart and it will be thickly coated by the stewed tomatoes.

  7. Combine avocados, remaining ¼C onion, ⅓C lime juice, water, ½C cilantro, desired amount of jalapeño, 1tsp salt, and blend until smooth. Set salsa aside.

  8. Toss together cabbage, radish, ½tsp salt, remaining lime juice and cilantro, in a bowl. Set slaw aside.

  9. Place tortillas on a dry baking sheet and bake them until they are lightly golden brown and crunchy. This will take around 15-20 minutes. Tostadas are normally fried but I have found it is much easier to do in the oven without the extra oil, while still getting that crunch factor.

  10.  Assemble the tostadas by placing avocado salsa on the crispy tortilla, topping with the chicken tinga, the cabbage slaw, and sprinkling with feta cheese.