The Art of Sustainable Masculinity

Nathan Kohlerman is dedicated to helping men become powerfully present

In a world distracted by chaos and divided by beliefs, it’s easy to fall from our true nature. At what point did we lose our way, and how has this impacted modern-day men? The societal expectations that men must be strong, stoic, and unemotional promote anxiety, depression, and relational conflicts, to name a few. What if there’s a better way? Perhaps instead of expecting men to fit into the box society has created for them, we encourage them to instead embrace the art of sustainable masculinity.

Sustainable masculinity is an emerging concept that challenges the current narrative of what it means to be a man. It offers a pivot away from undue aggression, emotional suppression, and dominance towards a more sustainable approach to masculine identity. This approach suggests masculine values shift to embrace vulnerability, empathy, and emotional intelligence with an emphasis on cultivating healthy relationships and a positive connection to the environment. Sustainable masculinity offers men the opportunity to be more firmly rooted in their innate masculine essence which in turn promotes confidence, leadership, and fortitude.

To appreciate the necessity of embracing sustainable masculinity, let’s reflect on the common narratives causing disconnection and suffering in the average man. Local men’s work facilitator Nathan Kohlerman shares the four most common beliefs held by many of the men he works with: “I have to do it all alone”, “Nobody else understands”, “Personal struggle means weakness” and, “My worth as a man is determined by career success & financial stability”. 

Kohlerman goes on to explain that many men live in a constant state of isolation and repression, finding their sense of purpose in what they do instead of who they truly are. When identity is placed in provision rather than presence, it drives a wedge between a man’s natural state of being and his ability to authentically express, relate and serve.

The principles of sustainable masculinity offer men the opportunity to genuinely relate to themselves and the world around them, creating the conditions for deeper fulfillment, clarity on their purpose, and a sense of connection and belonging. If you’re seeking a like-minded local community committed to masculine healing and brotherhood, consider reaching out to the founder of Rising Brotherhood, Nathan Kohlerman.

Nathan is a local men’s work facilitator dedicated to helping men overcome unnecessary mental suffering, achieve emotional mastery, and become powerfully present with their health, wealth & relationships. Kohlerman is a brother, father, son, and trailblazer in men’s work; inspired by his own trials and devotion to radical sovereignty of mind, body, and spirit. If you are interested in learning more or participating in men’s work, visit @RisingBrotherhood (local) or @sacredsons (international) on Instagram.

Men’s work refers to activities, discussions, and workshops designed to help men explore their emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. The byproduct of participating in this work is often a greater capacity for emotional connection, an ability to build healthier relationships, and the urge to become more engaged in the local community.

The positive impact men’s work can have on mental, emotional, and physical health is unmatched. Men are often socialized to suppress their emotions and avoid vulnerability, which ultimately leads to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression. When men gather to learn, heal and grow together, they’re able to untangle the web of societal conditioning that contributes to an overall sense of repression. This type of brotherhood fosters a space to express emotion, process experiences, and build a sense of authentic connection with others.

Participating in physical activities such as team sports, weightlifting, martial arts, and outdoor activities with a group of men can help build a sense of camaraderie and accountability, which ultimately leads to increased intrinsic motivation and better physical performance.

Additionally, healthy brotherhood has a positive impact on relationships. Men report improved communication skills, greater emotional intelligence, and healthier boundaries which creates harmony in a multitude of relationships.

The positive impact of men’s work creates a ripple effect from the home to society at large. It is up to us to change the way things have been into the way things can be to create a safer, more compassionate, and just world for generations to come.

Sustainable masculinity offers men the opportunity to be more firmly rooted in their innate masculine essence which in turn promotes confidence, leadership, and fortitude.

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