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The Art of the Charcuterie

SALT Designs the perfect board for Alpharetta Lifestyle

There are literally thousands of combinations of cheese that can be found on a cheese plate.  The key is not only knowing how to pick the right three cheeses to use but, what to put with them to create the perfect nosh.  Salt Restaurant in Alpharetta is known for their amazing cheese plates and clever combinations.  Nykki Mitrchell, a Salt Restaurant manager and I recently had a chance to chat cheese;  here are some of her fun insights on what to include to create the perfect cheese plate!

SOk:  What are your three favorite cheeses and why?

NM:    I love the smooth creamy texture of goat cheese, it is made in a variety of styles from soft to hard and they go with about anything.  I also like the tangy, slightly salty flavor of feta; the dry texture makes it perfect for cumbling.  Brie is my absolute favorite, I love that it is a little earthy and nutty.

SOK:   Besides cheese, what are three components that every cheese plate should have?

NM:     "Rooties Pickles" and some peppadew peppers!  I also like to have fresh fruit, preferably berries, some fresh jams or spreads on toasted breads.  Don't forget meats like Spanish chorizo, spicy Hungarian salami and prosciutto di parma. 

SOE:   What makes the cheese plate perfect?

NM:     The cheese plate must be served  on a thick wooden board.  Presentation is everything!  Presentation and a nice wine or champagne.

Salt Factory Pub

102 S Main St, Alpharetta, GA 30009