The Art of the Charcuterie Board

Indulge Your Culinary Senses with These Savory Bites

Article by Hannah Kothari

Photography by Shannon Valentine

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

The words ‘charcuterie board’ might be hard to say, but Chef Jennifer Burnett makes it easy to prepare this classic French party platter. 

These versatile boards are perfect for every occasion. A host can set out a board for guests before dinner while putting the finishing touches on their main dishes. 

Charcuterie boards typically consist of a colorful mix of meats, cheeses, and fruits. To create a tasty board full of adventurous textures, be sure to incorporate a variety of sweet, salty, crunchy, and soft foods, says Chef Jennifer Burnett, of JBistro Style Chef Services. 

Chef Jennifer curated this month’s featured charcuterie board and offers helpful tips for those looking to create their own spread. Her board incorporates fresh raspberries, a jelly dip, soft cheese, crackers, pesto, prosciutto, merlot cheese and fresh greens for a creative flair. “Accessorizing the board is key,” she says. “Create ‘stations’ for each pairing by using a beautiful fig leaf or something similarly beautiful.”

Other tasty options include adding a handful of tangy pomegranate seeds or Spanish Marcona almonds roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Chef Jennifer also suggests including at least one homemade item - such as parmesan chips instead of store-bought crackers - to make a board uniquely yours. Her best culinary advice? Be willing to adapt and learn.

“Knowing how to cook is only a small portion in choosing this as a career,” Chef Jennifer says. “Having heart is the main ingredient.”

Chef Jennifer’s delectable creations are available for order and delivery. 

JBistroStyle.com 832-655-6698 17527 A Huffmeister Rd. Cypress, Texas

Bellaventano Merlot cheese - This Italian cheese is unique because it is immersed in merlot wine to give the cheese a fruity flavor.  

Pepperoncinis - The word ‘pepperoncini’ is the generic Italian name for ‘hot pepper.’ Contrary to its name, pepperoncinis are sweet and mild peppers.

Polaner seedless raspberry preserves - This sweet, spreadable treat is a good source of fiber, and a great source of smiles. With all natural ingredients, the preserve makes a perfect addition to any charcuterie board.

Goat cheese log - Goat cheese has a soft and tangy flavor - much different from cow’s milk cheese.This protein and calcium packed snack contains nutrients needed for strong bones, and is said to aid in weight loss.

Prosciutto - An Italian dry-cured savory ham served thinly-sliced and served uncooked.

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