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The Art of Travel

Tom Muench with Expedia Cruises Offers Travel Advice for Those Seeking the Ultimate Getaway this Summer

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to dust off those suitcases and plan an epic vacation. But these days, there is an art to booking the perfect adventure. Tom Muench, Expedia Cruises Franchise Partner, has perfected the art of travel and offers some advice to those seeking the ultimate getaway.

“A lot has changed with the travel world over the last two-plus years and will continue to remain fluid. We spend countless hours educating ourselves about our partners’ destinations, and we are here to help navigate this new travel world on our client’s behalf,” Tom says.

Most importantly, Tom advises that travelers plan early and expect crowds this year.

“There is so much pent-up demand, and many clients have travel credits that need to be used before they expire putting more pressure on the 2022 inventory,” he says. Also, many travelers who may have skipped lavish vacations for the past two years are now ready to go all out.

“…It is not uncommon to see couples or families spend north of $50,000 for a vacation,” he says. “The demand for world cruises is at an all-time high, and some cruise lines have sold out their world cruise in less than a day.”

Many families also are planning multigenerational vacations this year to reconnect, Tom says, adding that cruises are an excellent choice.

“There are many cruise brands that cater to families – Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian to name a few — where the ship is sometimes the destination. Cruise lines continue to enhance the on-board experience from the family suites to the many dining options to the Broadway-style entertainment and activities on board for all ages,” he says. Some on-board activities include zip lining, ropes courses, FlowRider, ice skating, roller coasters, racetracks, water slides, water parks and kids clubs.

“A cruise often mixes a few sea days into the itinerary offering time to chill, as well. Major cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, have their own private islands, such as Perfect Day at CocoCay, which offers Thrills and Chill experiences depending upon your mood,” Tom says.  

Travelers should think of cruises as “floating all-inclusive resorts” with options available for all budgets, he says.  

For those who prefer to stay on land, Tom says traditional all-inclusive resorts are a good option for couples and families. “All inclusive” simply means that meals and most activities are included in the price.

“There is a long list of all-inclusive brands that cater to couples and families,” he says. “Sandals has been around 40 years and is focused on couples, where their sister brand Beaches caters to families. Sandals has many new resorts that will open over the next year or so in many popular Caribbean destinations.”

Tom suggests working with a professional to find out which adventure best suits travelers’ needs.

“There are so many options and resources that it can be overwhelming. I am naturally going to suggest working with a travel agent, as we do this for a living. That is not to say do not do your own research, but let us help plan your vacation,” he says. “Our goal is not to book just one vacation, but to earn your trust and future business and to book all travel needs for you, your family and your friends."  

Tom says working with a travel agent does not mean additional cost for travelers.

“People do not realize that the majority of the services we provide are free to the client, so they are not paying extra for expert advice and many times will find savings both in time and money,” he says. “You will not save money booking direct with a cruise line, have exclusive promotions, and a travel agent will offer options that a client may not think of. Plus, you are supporting a local business owner.”

Expedia Cruises is a locally owned, full-service, brick-and-mortar travel agency backed by the No. 1 brand in travel. Expedia Cruises can assist with all or certain portions of one’s vacation plans. The company is actively recruiting for new travel consultants, as well. For more information, visit

Fly: Consider a charter flight. “Charter flights offer some amazing savings to popular destinations like Cancun and Punta Cana, and the rate difference is justifiable even if you have to pay for luggage,” Tom says.

Stay: Share your vacation vision with a travel agent. “They are there to help you find the best vacation experience and want you, your family and friends as clients for life.”

Explore: Excursions can enhance the vacation experience. “There are excursions for all ages, activity levels and interests. Some excursions we recommend booking early because there may be limited availability.”