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Article by Melinda Gipson

Photography by Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

If the art of personal beauty has a “style,” Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery ( has mastered it. Walking into the Ashburn suite of Dr. Larry Lickstein and Zineb “Z” Moussafir evokes the same awe and appreciation as strolling into a Gucci or Versace boutique. And, just as the high-class surroundings blur the lines between cosmetic procedures and haute couture, so the practice is blurring the boundaries between modern plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine; between laser therapy and advanced skin care.

You just know when you walk in the door that you are embarking on an exciting journey of personal transformation.

Elle’s ambiance is bolstered by the confidence engendered by the credentials of its proprietors. Dr. Larry Lickstein is a Harvard and Princeton educated Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience performing aesthetic procedures. His practice incorporates surgical rejuvenation of the face and body, lasers and other non-surgical therapies, and injectables such as neuromodulators and fillers. Zineb “Z” Moussafir, the Director of Medical Aesthetics, has more than 17 years of experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields, is a highly sought-after consultant in the industry and has a large, loyal patient following. She has been asked to review devices by aesthetic companies and is in great demand as a lecturer at aesthetic academies. All the latest body sculpting and face renewing techniques are at her fingertips. 

Fans of each other’s work, they came together during the pandemic to try to re-imagine the personal aesthetic and plastic surgery experience in a way that brought all the best offerings of each discipline into a boutique experience for each patient. As they describe their craft, they offer “comprehensive services for face and body, employing surgical and non-surgical treatments, devices, and therapies, to deliver a heightened sense of health, beauty, confidence, and well-being. Our elite clinical staff draws on their expertise, advanced training, and experience to facilitate meaningful change in an environment that emphasizes safety, luxury, and hospitality.”

Says Dr. Lickstein, “Over the course of our careers, we’ve been exposed to different sorts of practice environments. But we each had imagined the way we wanted to treat clients and treat patients. So COVID presented an opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves and reopen a facility that will deliver the kind of care that we wanted to provide.” Their priority was to put together “the most comprehensive medical and aesthetic center in Loudoun County. We wanted to seamlessly integrate both surgical and non-surgical therapies to develop the highest quality results we possibly can. And we wanted to provide a boutique experience for our patients where we aren’t emphasizing the delivery of services but the development of relationships. By developing those relationships, we can effectively make significant changes in the way people feel about themselves and that influences the quality of their lives,” Dr. Lickstein explains. “We developed this center as a great opportunity for us and for the community to explore those options.”

Both partners share strong beliefs when it comes to patient treatment being both relationship oriented and results driven. Says Z, “I think we both aim to deliver the most excellent treatment, regardless of whether it is surgical or non-surgical. Whether a patient comes in once a month for a facial for anti-aging, or comes to a decision about needing more, I have the confidence of the best possible referral in house, and that’s rare.”

Dr. Lickstein agrees, adding, “In terms of the things that I do surgically, almost everything I do can be made better by combining the therapies that are done on our Med Spa side. If I'm doing a facelift, everybody benefits from improved skincare, lasering and light therapies to improve their skin quality. If I'm doing a tummy tuck, we love sending people over to get an Emsculpt Neo treatment to build up their muscles underneath first. There are lots of patients that, given their goals, are appropriate for surgery and a lot of surgical patients who can improve their outcomes by combining medical, surgical and non-surgical therapies.”

The key to expertly applying any technique is to help each patient look their best. Even given the dramatic technological advancements in surgical and non-surgical treatments, every person seeking a solution at Elle – from their 20’s to their 80’s – likely wants a natural aesthetic. “We help you look like yourself, only younger, refreshed and refined. Nowadays, people want to look natural,” Dr. Lickstein said. “The trend is for people to feel great about themselves. If we do plastic surgery, it’s artfully and thoughtfully done and delivered in the context of a relationship with integrity and with care. That’s what we want to do here.”

He adds, “It's an exciting time to practice because we have so much more that we can offer people and everything else also got better. The quality of anesthetic delivery is better than it ever has been because anesthesiologists are used to taking care of older and sicker people. Pharmacology is better. Everything that we can offer people is better now than it was even during the course of my 20 year career.” After citing a range of cases where patients addressed sagging skin following weight loss, to life-changing reconstructive surgeries, he repeated, “It's an exciting time.”

“At the end of the day, we get a great deal of satisfaction out of what we do, and we get a great deal of love from our patients. It's a pleasure to do what we do. It’s fun to have that kind of impact on people and it's quite a privilege that people let us do these things for them. We both play a role in helping people be the best version of themselves they can be.”

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